About Us

JC and I were married April 16, 2004.  We have three sweet precious little boys; Zenock, Kamden, and Nolan.  We live in Sweet Home Alabama and are loving our Southern Charmed Life.  I get to be a stay at home Mom and take care of my boys.  I love being a Mom!  I love my family, decorating, photography, Pottery Barn, traveling, peanut m&m's, and shopping.  JC loves baseball (the Dodgers!), golfing, traveling, and anything outdoors. 

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Zenock was born in April 2004.  Zenock is wild, adventurous, sassy, dramatic, and can be super sweet.  He has more energy than his little body can handle at times.   He loves Kindergarten, super heroes, baseball, waffles, video games, and being outside riding his bike.

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Kamden is our happy go lucky child.  He was born in September 2010.  He loves his McQueen cars, anything to do with a ball, and his brothers.

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Nolan is our sweet, almost always happy baby.  He was born in September 2012... (exactly 2 years and 17 minutes younger than his brother Kamden.)

We are a happy family with sometimes crazy stories to tell...  Would you expect less with a family of three boys??  We are glad to share a little bit with you and hope you enjoy reading all about it. :)

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