Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Twin Birthday's

We celebrated Twin Birthday's on the 28th of September.  If you didn't know Nolan and Kamden share their Birthday.  They are exactly two years and seventeen minutes apart... and before you start in on the whole "that is awful..."  It was my choice.  I felt good about it. :) I have a Brother and Sister who share a Birthday.  It seemed like it was always a bigger celebration - because it was TWO.  Now, in my family, my Zenock is the one who feels left out, because he has no one to share a Birthday with. 

You could say we are just fine with this Twin Birthday thing.  :)

My Kamden turned FOUR and my Nolan turned TWO.

The last four years have flown by and it has been a wild and enjoyable ride.  These two boys each add so much joy to our family.  It definitely wouldn't be complete with out them. 

 photo IMG_8056onecopy.jpg

 photo IMG_8067fourcopy.jpg

 photo IMG_8066threecopy.jpg

 photo IMG_8060twocopy.jpg

 photo IMG_8071fivecopy.jpg

 photo IMG_8076sixcopy.jpg

 photo IMG_8080sevencopy.jpg

 photo IMG_8090tencopy.jpg

 photo IMG_8084eightcopy.jpg

 photo IMG_8086ninecopy.jpg

 photo IMG_8095elevencopy.jpg

I might add that Nolan ate every bite of that cake and ice cream... This child loves food. :)

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