Friday, August 29, 2014

Bear Lake

We made our way to Utah this Summer over the Fourth of July for some family time (both sides).  We enjoyed every minute.  One of the highlights for me was spending a day at Bear Lake.  I have so many fun memories of Bear Lake especially during High School with friends.  I was so happy to share one of my favorite places with my boys for the day.  We had so much fun being with family, jet skiing, playing on the beach, and of course eating raspberry shakes. :)

 photo IMG_7547threecopy.jpg

 photo IMG_7553fivecopy.jpg

 photo IMG_7560sixcopy.jpg

 photo IMG_7536onecopy.jpg

 photo IMG_7538twocopy.jpg

 photo IMG_7550fourcopy.jpg

 photo IMG_7535eighteencopy.jpg

This is the face I got from Nolan every time I went out on the jet ski... This boy and I are just a little bit attached to each other... And, I love it.

 photo IMG_7569sevencopy.jpg

 photo IMG_7570eightcopy.jpg

 photo IMG_7577ninecopy.jpg

 photo IMG_7584copy.jpg

 photo IMG_7594tencopy.jpg

 photo IMG_7597elevencopy.jpg

 photo IMG_7610thirteencopy.jpg

 photo IMG_7602twelvecopy.jpg

 photo IMG_7615copy.jpg

 photo IMG_7630fourteencopy.jpg

 photo IMG_7651sixteencopy.jpg

 photo IMG_7642nineteencopy.jpg

 photo IMG_7656fifteencopy.jpg

 photo IMG_7701seventeencopy.jpg

The best day. :)

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