Tuesday, May 13, 2014


We celebrated Zenock's Seventh Birthday in April.  The best quote I've ever heard about raising children says, 

"The days are long, but the years are short."

I love this sweet, spunky, stubborn child of mine.  He is my hardest child by far and we have had some really long days in the last Seven years.  Zenock was born a fighter and I know that that will to fight will carry him far in this life.  He is a leader and so many people love my Zenock and love to be around him.  He is a good kid and when he is sweet, you want to love him and hang onto those moments forever.  He has a good, good heart. 

I had a "Man" party for Zenock a few days before his Birthday.  Right before the party, he made this awesome sign and stuck it on the door.   For our "Man" party we lounged in pjs, ate pizza, played Manly games, and the boys even grew mustaches. 

 photo IMG_6981-one.jpg

 photo IMG_6984-two.jpg

 photo IMG_6987-three.jpg

 photo IMG_6997-four.jpg

 photo IMG_7001-five.jpg

We celebrated Zenock's Birthday a few days later.  Per his request we visited him at school and brought in sprinkle donuts and then waited patiently for him to get home to open presents.  After, we went to our favorite Pizza joint, "Mellow Mushroom" where I am happy to say I slayed eating out alone with three boys by myself.  It was a happy day.

 photo IMG_7011-six.jpg

 photo IMG_7016-seven.jpg

 photo IMG_7022-ten.jpg

 photo IMG_7021-nine.jpg

 photo IMG_7019-eight.jpg

 photo IMG_7028-eleven.jpg

This picture just makes me smile.  We had a month in March where High School Musical (1 and 2) were watched at least once a day.  During Spring Break, I woke up to Zenock dancing and singing in the living room. (This kid memorizes songs like nobody's business...)  When I told him there was a 3rd one, he was pretty pumped.  He was even more excited to get it a couple days later for his Birthday.

 photo IMG_7030-twelve.jpg

 photo IMG_7032-thirteen.jpg

 photo IMG_7035.jpg

 photo IMG_7045-fourteen.jpg

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