Monday, May 12, 2014


I am surrounded by good people.  Some who live near me and others who don't.  I have been blessed with the best family on Earth... not only my close family, but extended as well.  So many people have taken care of me in the past seven months.  I have received so many words of strength, cookies, care packages, love, and the prayers.  Thank You from the bottom of my heart.  You will never know what it has meant to me.  I have felt every prayer and those moments of kindness when you thought you were just making extra cookies... they always came to me on the hardest of days.  You were truly inspired.  I can't even express my love and appreciation for the many wonderful, amazing people in my life.  I love you. :)  

I hope that one day I can return the favor.  I admit service is not always at the front of my mind.  That doesn't mean I don't notice.  I have friends whom I watch spend their life serving.  Service comes naturally to them.  They are always asking what they can do for others.  I love surrounding myself with these people.  The more I do, the more I notice their acts rubbing off on me and I find myself asking their questions of service to others.  I am so Thankful for their Christ like examples.  Life is good.  People are good.

One sweet act of service needed to be documented.  After I broke my foot the first of March... It's almost silly to even explain what I did.  The short story is, I fell out of the back of my SUV while retrieving a cleat for baseball practice.  I am completely healed now.  I can run, jump, and tackle three crazy little boys. :)

In the midst of my broken foot, my cousin sent a box of presents for my boys.  The instructions were the presents were to be opened only when they were behaving well.  Genius. :)  

 photo IMG_6955-one.jpg

 photo IMG_6957-two.jpg

 photo IMG_6960-three.jpg

 photo IMG_6967-four.jpg

 photo IMG_6969-five.jpg

We also spent the afternoon blowing bubbles... Apparently, if you leave bubbles in your garage all winter long, they become an almost gooey like texture and don't pop.  These bubbles were so fun to watch land all over everything.

 photo IMG_6976-six.jpg

 photo IMG_6978-seven.jpg

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