Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Snow days.

Last week, we had a couple days of snow.  Tuesday was a light dusting and of course everyone got excited and school was cancelled.  Wednesday, it rained all night and day and it was apparently hazardous to travel and so school was cancelled again.  Finally, Wednesday night the snow started coming down and by Thursday morning we had a good couple of inches of fun fluffy snow.  My boys were up and out early to check out the snow (as was the entire neighborhood/city!).  Sure glad we did because by afternoon it was pretty much gone!  They were able to have a good couple of hours in the snow, having fun, and even some sledding down the driveway.

 photo IMG_6845-1copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6851-2copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6854-3copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6855-4copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6862-5copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6865-7copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6864-6copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6866-8copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6886-9copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6889-10copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6893-11copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6898-12copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6902-13copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6904-14copy.jpg

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