Tuesday, February 18, 2014


A few pictures and stories that just can't be left out.

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Afternoon shenanigans and no pants.  Nolan has started climbing... From previous experience this is just the beginning and a small hill compared to the counters and mountains he has yet to scale.  Baby boy just mastered the couch.

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One nap a day and waking up early to get Zenock to school leaves this little one knocked out during lunch almost every day.  If I turn my back he falls asleep.  I try to keep him awake through out lunch and then put him down.  I love his little feet... which are so much bigger than Kamden's were.  I am amazed how different my boys each are.  Nolan is now wearing the shoes Kamden wore last Summer!

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Climbing again... I swear I have an identical picture of Zenock doing this exact thing somewhere on this blog.

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Sweet boys sharing snacks.  Nolan absolutely adores Zenock.  He will give him hugs all day long.  Kamden is a different story.  Kamden loves Nolan and tries to give him hugs and Nolan just pushes him away and screams.  This was a rare moment of them playing and acting kind to each other.

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Anyone else have children that think when you open the fridge you have to step up into it?? All of my children use the fridge as a step stool.  Nolan screams at me if I don't let him in the fridge when I have to get something out.  At this point, I would rather waste energy and make him happy than hear him scream at me. 

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Our sweet Sister missionaries have been with us since November right after JC left.  Sister Van Komen (right) is being transferred this week and we are going to miss her so much!  These Sisters have been so sweet and have been so good to us.  We have fed them multiple times, shared Christmas with them, and they often show up for an afternoon visit to check on us.  Somehow, they always show up when I need them most.  They cheer us up, have helped with homework, and have even brought us cookies.  They mean a lot to us and I most definitely feel like they were sent to me during this time.  I love these girls.  We have had a lot of good talks and I am looking forward to seeing them again when their missions are over.  Both of them are from Utah.  Sister Van Komen is from Layton and Sister Williams is from Price. :)

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