Monday, February 10, 2014

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It has been awhile since I've updated our Instagram photos. Obviously, I love Instagram.  I love looking over the photos I've taken in the last (7!) months and seeing how fast time goes by and how much my babies are growing.  Every day seems like yesterday with a picture. :)

Here is a little (or long) rundown...

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*Eleven am and just waking up. (It never happened again).  *Heaven on Earth.  *Underwear streaking.  *Crazy hair day.  *Toilet paper notes while cleaning the bathroom.  Courtesy of Zenock.  *One year of searching and finally found a matching comforter for the boys room on Ebay.  Two hours and twelve bidders and I won in the last two seconds!  Insert fist pumping, adrenaline rush, and jumping for joy!! *Play date with sweet friends.  *"Mom... I'm done crawling, just come and get me."  I fall for it every time.  *Walking in from church.  It was a long day!

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*One drink.  Two straws.  Love Lazy Saturday Costco lunches.  *Sleeping like a baby.  *Lesson learned while taking pictures... choose appropriate footwear or be stuck walking through the mud barefoot when your flip flop breaks.  *Baby Boy learned how to cuddle.  10 months.  *Saturday morning soccer kisses.  *First day of 1st grade.  *Nolan pulling himself up to everything.

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*Two year old adventures.  *Date night with the best guy in the world and the best hamburger I've ever eaten.  *The only way to eat ice cream is with a spoon and a giant carton of Blue Bell.  *Lessons in lawn mowing.  (I redeemed myself twice over since.)  *Favorite daily activity.  *Happy Hour  *Welcome to Monday morning.  *Happiest Baby ever.

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*At the Fair... Nolan cried every time we touched an animal.  *Soft blankets make anything better.  *Cutest park... in my back yard?  Who knew!?  *Hiding from children, eating cookies. #life.  *Family favorite  *Helping with a youth dance/taking pictures.  *Nolan had a very rough week.  103.6 fever for four days + a double ear infection.  Lots of late night cuddles, warm baths, two drs visits, 2 antibiotic shots, blood tests, more antibiotics, a rash, and an almost hospital admittance.  He got better and I was so happy to see him smile again.  *Introducing Nolan to real milk in September.  He HATED it.  Takes one sip, covers his mouth, throws a tantrum, and refuses to drink anything.  I got sneaky and added some strawberry to his milk... He drank 5 bottles in 24 hours. :)  *Kamden and baseball cards... enough said.

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*My very best sidekick.  *Pretty skies on our way home from the Pumpkin Farm.  Kamden's quote of the day... "I'm as strong as Batman!" said as he picked up an enormous pumpkin.  *Trouble!  In and out of drawers all day long.  I clean up one mess and he crawls right past me to make another.  *Batting cages and arcade games.  *Bath time, diaper changes, and getting dressed take the strength and energy of ten men with this one.  #sendreinforcements  *Best pumpkin pancakes ever.  (Stock up next year!!)  *How much can one six year old fit inside one pair of jeans pockets.  *Nolan figured out his walker.  *Three for three.  Three boys and three sets of ear tubes.

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*Last night of Fall Ball under the lights.  *Let it be documented the Larson's went to dinner... and not the dollar menu. Dinner with us = big fat tip for the waiter.  Yikes!  *Dissected a burnt to a crisp light bulb out of my bathroom light fixture and stood on a chair and 2 totes to change another light bulb.  First day on the job as a single Mom.  *Pumpkin Spice Steamer... it's like pumpkin pie in a cup.  *My happy baby.  *Thankful for this amazing man, his sacrifice, and service to our family.  *Zenock's turkey project/ Family time.  *I loved them!!  *Christmas shopping with a three year old is rough... he cried the whole way home and fell asleep.

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*I am wrapped around his finger.  *Four molars coming through at once = marshamallows for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  *My sister is a National Champion... she is the coolest person I know.  *Zenock's notes from sacrament meeting.   Love the way he spelled "Bruder."  *Nolan is a Mamas boy and I love it.  This one gives me cuddles and loves all day long and if its been too long since the last love he grabs his blanket and comes and sits by my feet until I pick him up.  This is him being patient.  He is usually bouncing on his knees handing me his blanket with arms oustretched begging (crying) to be picked up.  Love his baby cuddles.  *Thankful tree  *Thanksgiving  *Christmas came early.  New car seat for Nolan = happy afternoon for my boys.  *Favorite Christmas craft we do every year.  Reindeer family.

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*75 and even though it says rainy it was sunny in the middle of December!  *Death to my snowmen.  Little boys destroy everything.  *Christmas Cards are by far my favorite thing.  *Another sick day for my little chubbers.  *Happy Sunday and feeling better.  *Hunstville Stake Christmas festival.  *Zenock's school Christmas program.  *List maker... or rewriting the same list ten times.  *My Zenock and I have quite the morning commute to school (20 min!)  We decided this year we were going to listen to the scriptures every day on our way- if I forgot Zenock reminded me to turn scriptures on.  After, he would say, "So what was that about Mom??"  Which meant I had to pay attention.  Looking back it was some of my very favorite moments of the year.  We have the best librarian at our church who with her husband cut out and made nativities for all the kids who read the Book of Mormon this year.  Zenock displayed it on his dresser and it has been a sweet reminder all month of how much I love my Zenock  I hope he cherishes it forever.  He is such a good kid.  Love him like crazy!

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*Christmas treats.  *Brown paper packages tied up with string.  *Merry Christmas.  *Everyone adores Aunt Emily.  *This little one of mine has yet to learn it is pointless to tell a girl what to do  :)  Sweet friends sharing graham crackers at church.  *Getting ready or accomplishing anything with a 15 mth old is impossible!! Every time I look another drawer is emptied/dumped out.  I pick up and another mess is created - it's pointless.  I wake up at 6 just to shower in peace!  He must be paying attention though - this morning he was lint rolling my rug.  And, yes I do that!  (I hate hair!)  Oh little "Nolan the Destroyer" I sure love you baby boy.  *Turning 30... Sweet comment from Zenock... "You know mom, you look more like my sister and that maybe my mom is at work."  (Maybe, because I actually got ready for the 1st time in a week. :) But, I'll take it!)  *I could eat this child of mine.  Sweet baby boy.

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