Thursday, February 20, 2014

Be Mine.

We had a happy Valentine's.  Zenock got to go back to school after three snow days off.  He was pretty excited to go and have his Valentine/Ice Cream Sundae party.  Nolan got a stomach bug the day before and it hit Kamden and I Saturday.  Luckily, the worst of it happened after my boys had already fallen asleep Saturday night and I was able to just sit and not move.  I see little tender mercies like that happen every day.  I can't express how much I know that I am being watched over.

After this year, holidays are going to be even bigger and better at our house.  We need to make up.  Not that we need too, because the best part of any Holiday is really just being together.  Having JC home will make everything seem bigger and better on its own.  We are getting excited now that we are on the downhill of time.  Counting down the days... 82 to be exact.

I like to give my boys a little Valentine each year.  Not much.  Just a little something so they know how much I love them and help make the day a little bit special.  Who doesn't love a holiday when you can yell, "I love you!" from the rooftops and no one is going to think you are crazy.  Although, I am pretty sure if I climbed on my roof my neighbors would think I'm nuts... but, they probably already do. :)

I love that these boys love each other.  I hope they always know how much JC and I love them.
I was pretty much shocked when I got this image... it was one of those once in a lifetime pictures that lasts only seconds and I barely got it.  These sweet boys are everything to us.  So glad they get to "Be Mine."

 photo IMG_6922-1copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6923-2copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6924-3copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6926-5copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6928-4copy.jpg

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 photo IMG_6932-10copy.jpg

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