Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My boys.

SO, back in September/October (behind again) I took some fun yearly pictures of my boys.  Enjoy. :)

My Zenock.  Six years old.  Enjoys playing video games, baseball, soccer, and anything social as long as he can be with friends.  He can memorize song lyrics in a matter of minutes and he has a really good voice.  He is such a sweet kid.  He has the sweetest spirit and as I watch him grow, we can just tell he gets things.  He understands the gospel and knows so much more than I ever did growing up.  He can be feisty and has a temper, but has the most contagious laugh.  His brothers idolize him and want to be around him every second of the day.  He is everyone's best friend.  Zenock is such a good good kid.  I am lucky to be his Mom.

 photo IMG_6012-1.jpg

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My Kamden.  My Chubbers.  Three years old.  Kamden loves cars, anything with a ball, and his star b (blanket).  Kamden is a tease.  He is silly and oh so much fun.  Everyone wants to be Kamden's best friend.  He has the most charming little voice and most people are instantly wrapped up in his charm when they hear it.  Complete strangers melt when they hear his voice.  He has an enormous vocabulary for a 3 year old.  The two combinations make him win any and every battle with his parents.  He is our best little side kick.  He makes life enjoyable. 

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My Nolan.  (Pictures taken at 12 mths.)  Nolan is currently 16 mths.  Nolan is my baby, my cuddle bug.  He gives me hugs all day long.  He never goes too far or is away from me for too long with out finding his way back and giving me a love.  Nolan is a destroyer.  Never leave him in a room unattended... drawers will be emptied and everything dumped out.  Nolan loves food, his blanket, binky, and cuddle time.  As long as you have those three items, he is a happy boy... if not, watch out.  He knows how to ruin a good time.  Nolan loves to follow his brothers anywhere.  His favorite place to be is on Mom's lap watching and observing the craziness that goes on around him.  Nolan is my sweet baby boy.

Nolan's words at 16 mths:  Mom, Dad, Peek-a-boo, Cup, Thank You (More like "Da-you"), What's that? or Whose That?, Cheese, Tub, All Done, and uh-oh.  (I'm sure there are more I can't think of...)

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