Saturday, December 21, 2013


Zenock started Basketball the first of December.  This is his first year and he is doing really well.  He is the shortest on his team, but that is because he is the only 1st grader... everyone else on his team is in 2nd grade.  He does really well at keeping up with them, playing defense (he steals every chance he gets), and "trying" not to travel.  He scored in the first game (his first ever) and I am pretty sure he traveled about 75 percent of the way.  Thanks Refs for making his day. ;)  I love having something fun to keep him busy and wear him out once in awhile. 

A baptist church sponsors the Basketball program for our area.  It has been really interesting to be a part of.  They begin each practice and game with a prayer.  During practice they have a 15 minute time out to discuss a value each week (like honesty, respect, etc).  During games at half time the Pastor or Associate Pastor of the church does a quick sermon? or something.  Even though we may not "worship" in the same way, it is great to have Zenock playing with other kids/families who share our same values :)

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