Thursday, December 19, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

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I love these three boys.  I definitely have the easier end of the deal (or so I feel like).  I get to have these three with me and I'm not sure how I would handle life with out them.

Funny how when we first had this idea I had great plans of girls nights, babysitters, etc.  Now all I want to do is be with these boys of mine.  I want to spend my nights with them and when they go to bed I just want quiet time and a few minutes for myself before I head to bed.  I really don't mind the peace and quiet (at night of course, because there is NEVER peace and quiet during the day!)  I get babysitters now and then, but only because I have to get a hair cut and get things done!  I love my boys.

We had about 5 different invites for Thanksgiving dinner (Thank You!).  I actually declined them all... I know, I am so rude.  I really wanted to just have a simple fun day and memory with my boys.  We did go to a Pie breakfast in the morning which was so yummy and such a great idea. :)

I made a simple dinner, we got to facetime with JC, Nolan had a nap, we played some games, and just had a happy day.

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And, no post of mine is complete with out at least ten pictures of the youngest child... He is too darn irresistible right now.  His cheeks and gums were so swollen in some of these pictures- he was getting all 4 molars in at once.  He was also just taking his first steps at Thanksgiving.

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Thanksgiving was sweet and simple.  It sure gave me time to think about all that I am truly Thankful for. :)

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