Monday, December 2, 2013


I am thankful.  VERY thankful that November went by so fast.  One month and two days down....

The good news... We will most likely be shortening JC's stay in Afghanistan.  Hoping he will be home for Summer.  We cannot wait.  :)

Life at home hasn't been too bad, but it's not easy.  I feel like I never stop... it is so easy to fall behind on everything.  I also kinda feel more like a dictator lately... I have to be both the mean guy and the nice guy, but little people take advantage of you when you are nice and there is no one to even out the scale when I am being nice which means I'm mostly mean.  My poor boys.  They are going to get whipped into shape this year.  For example....

The other night our home teachers came over.  They are both really great with kids and have young families of their own.  I know they don't mind my kids being a bit crazy, but my kids were WILD animals. Crazy wild animals.  Jumping on the couch, jumping in between the home teachers, etc.  I would grab their shirts as they ran past me and slam them back into the couch and tell them to sit nice and be respectful, but of course kids know you aren't going to really yell at them in front of guests so mine were acting out with extra zeal.  At one point Zenock crashed into my end table and left a dent in my wall.  All the while, I am sitting there telling my home teachers, "I have everything under control."  hahaha. :)  After they left, I picked my boys up and literally threw them into bed.  I grounded them from tv and video games all week.  They were also going to make up their rudeness by practicing being reverent and giving me reverent time all week.  
Ok, so this may have been my most genius idea ever.  Every night after I put Nolan in bed, I made my boys sit on the couch for 10-15 minutes with their arms folded (no toys).  They sat quietly and listened to church music.  I was pretty proud of myself for hanging in there all week with everything.  They did awesome with reverent time and now I know they can handle sitting quietly listening through a lesson.  It helped a lot with my boys for Sacrament mtg as well.  They know if they get wild during a reverent time they are going to owe me reverent minutes... definitely something we are going to keep going/using while JC is gone.
And just so I don't sound too mean, they get their wild and crazy time too.  The other day I walked out of my bedroom to my little Kamden standing on top of my counter/bar that connects my kitchen and living room.  Zenock was laying out a pile of pillows and blankets and said, "Here is a nice soft place for you to land."  Not their brightest idea???  No Thanks. :)   

We have good times too.  One night at dinner I was asking Zenock to spell all of our names.  I told him I had a tricky one and asked him to spell JC.  With out pause he said JC and then busted up laughing.  It was hilarious... maybe, one of those you had to be there moments, but it was so fun to just sit and really laugh with my boys.  We've gone to lunch a couple of times and had some fun movie nights.  I really do love spending time with my boys and getting to know them better with out distractions on a different level.

One thing I have noticed is that I don't feel like I am all here all the time.  My thoughts aren't as clear and I find myself lost in the distance a lot.  Usually, thinking (or praying) about JC.  My boys are pretty quick to bring me back to reality when I am lost. :)  Not going to lie, there are rough moments, but I feel like I have the easy side of things so I am not complaining.  (No rockets/mortars exploding in the background, nonstop sound of helicopters and planes taking off/landing while I sleep kind of easy.)  I love my boys, but they sure keep me running around.  
Last night my little Kamden had one of his rough nights where he was up all night just coughing (we still aren't sure what is wrong- he doesn't cough during the day, just at night.)  Around midnight, I new he wasn't letting Zenock sleep so I brought him into my bed.  I have a sweet friend who made me a survival kit while JC is away - I remembered it had ear plugs in it so I put them in and I was able to sleep a little bit, but it was still a rough night.  On nights like that Kamden is up and down and I am giving him cough medicine every 4 hours and rubbing oils/vicks all over him.  The coughing wakes him up and he wants to be cuddled back to sleep.  I had a Mtn Dew for breakfast (stashed away for emergencies) and bought myself some Energy Vitapak vitamins to get me through. (They are also supposed to help with thought clarity.)  Nope, this isn't easy, but we are doing ok. :)

While getting my vitamins today, I took Kamden to see Santa.  We were the only ones in line and I think Kamden talked his ear off.  He is a talker and will ask you a hundred questions in about two minutes.  It was so cute to see him sitting on Santa's lap.  He was so proud of himself when he got done.  I love my Kamden.  He is the best little sidekick ever!  My Christmas shopping is DONE, done, done.  I am so excited.  The only thing I need to do each week is go grocery shopping and only the errands I want to run.  The older I get the more of a homebody/hermit I get, especially in the winter cold months.  I don't want to leave my house.  Just give me a cup of hot chocolate and I am perfectly content to sit by my Christmas tree with a good book all day long.  (Friends are welcome to come hang out with me, just don't make me leave my house.)  My Mom called me the other day and surprised me by saying she, my dad, and my sister Emily are coming for Christmas.  I was dreading Christmas, so I am super excited for the distraction as well as to surprise my boys when we pick them up Christmas Eve day at the airport.  Just wishing JC was here with us... which by the way, have you ever noticed how many Christmas songs are about being alone or away from home at Christmas.  It is kind of pathetic.  I still love Christmas music.

I am rambling.  This post could be the most random post ever.

I'm done.


Charsty said...

You're such an amazing woman Carin! Soo inspiring! Thanks for sharing a glimpse into your world with me. :) Sorry to hear Kamden coughs at night, I'm not sure if you have used/tried DoTerra oils, but if you haven't I would. Try mixing 3 parts breathe to 1 part lime. That is the only thing that seems to cut my kids coughs.

Jamie Snarr said...

You are amazing!! So glad to hear that your family is coming for the holidays. This will be a learning experience that you will always look back on - good for you for embracing the good things and the hard things!!

Shannon said...

What a fun update:) You are an amazing momma!