Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Maybe it is the season.  People are so good.

Today, my body literally quit on me.  I think it was telling me to stop, slow down, and calm down.  I felt like I had been hit with the flu - hard!  I knew it couldn't be the flu... I had a flu shot last week. :) It has been a crazy month and I have been running non stop.  I put Nolan down for his nap, Kamden was watching movies, and I took a hot bath in the middle of the day.  (So uncharacteristic of me- I don't take baths and never in the middle of the day.)  I then took a 2 hour nap.  I feel so much better...

Until tonight, when I was overwhelmed by the kindness of my family.  They are so good to me and I don't feel like I have done anything to deserve it.  I'm not a needy person... I am usually the one who serves, but I think we all have a point in our life where we have to let others serve us.  Apparently, my time is now.  It isn't easy to accept and I never thought I would be in this position.  I have been bawling like a baby for over an hour.  It hasn't just been my family.  I have heard from so many friends over the last month.  Words of encouragement and kindness.  

Thank You.

Your words mean more than you  know and get me through some tough moments.  This isn't easy for me.  For the most part, we are doing pretty good.  The hardest part for sure is just missing our Daddy.  We talk to him daily... but, it's not the same.  We already can't wait for this time to be over.  What were we thinking again?!!?

It hit me tonight how much my family is being watched over right now.  
I am a big believer in Angels.. earthly and heavenly.

Things that I was nervous about haven't even been thoughts in my head the past two months.  I am so thankful for family and friends who are there for us.  I am thankful for the random strangers I see in Target who sing my praises and tell me how awesome I am to venture out with three boys and that I am doing a good job.  It kind of made my day. :) If they only knew. 

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