Saturday, December 28, 2013


So back in August (WAY behind) when we knew JC would be leaving and we weren't for sure if they were going to call us up and tell us it would be two weeks or two months; I knew I needed to get some family pictures taken... quick. 

I had no desire to take them and to mess around with my uncooperative sweet little one's.  I was already stressed about a few other things... like maybe, the thought of my husband leaving for a year.  :)

Luckily, we have a really good friend who does amazing photography.  He did such a great job and even got some really good ones of my boys that I just love.  These are photos we will treasure always. 

 photo IMG_6175-1afav.jpg

 photo IMG_6209-1afav.jpg

 photo IMG_6250-1fav.jpg

 photo IMG_6393-1.jpg

 photo IMG_6290-1.jpg

 photo IMG_6369-1.jpg

 photo IMG_6374-1.jpg

 photo IMG_6322-1.jpg

 photo IMG_6345-1.jpg

 photo IMG_6354-1.jpg

 photo IMG_6309-1a.jpg

 photo IMG_6402-Edit.jpg

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