Thursday, November 21, 2013

Lyons Farms

Some friends invited us to spend the day at Lyons Farms for their little boys Birthday.  We were already planning on going and excited we could go with them.

I love pumpkin farms.  You can't have Fall with out a visit to the pumpkin farm... it kind of completes the deal.  Next year, I think we are going to have to make more than one trip.  Fall this year was/has been so beautiful and the perfect weather.  Just this week it has started to get a bit cold outside.  I finally noticed today the leaves falling off of my tree. 

Back to the pumpkin farm... I have to mention our great parenting moment.  My Zenock and Kamden were standing in line for the slide and I was over talking with some other parents next to JC... watching them stand in line.  I looked away for two seconds and when I looked back Kamden wasn't holding Zenock's hand.  I walked over to Zenock and asked him where he was wondering if maybe he had gone up the slide already.  He said he ran over to the pumpkin bounce house.  I walked over there and Kamden wasn't anywhere in sight.  SO... this is a pretty big pumpkin farm and it was a Saturday afternoon which meant it was JAM PACKED.  I kind of started to freak out.  My kids have walked off before and I've always been really calm about it, but not quite this time.  I ran to ask JC to help me look for him and we started running all over the place.  What felt like 15 minutes later (probably more like 5), I hear this Mom behind me say something like, "You think they were over here..."  I turn around and she is holding my Kamden who is sobbing.  Apparently, he had run clear to the front entrance yelling for us, saying he couldn't find his Mom and Dad.  I have no idea why or why he let go of Zenock's hand.  I am just so glad it was a sweet/kind lady who found him.  She said as soon as she saw him she grabbed him just because she didn't want him to be grabbed by the wrong person.  I could have - should have hugged the women!

The rest of our day was pretty uneventful, but lots of fun.  Moral of the day... Don't trust six year olds. :)  Love them, just don't trust them.

 photo IMG_5905-1copy.jpg

 photo IMG_5908-1.jpg

 photo IMG_5913-1copy.jpg

 photo IMG_5916-1copy.jpg

 photo IMG_5922-1copy.jpg

 photo IMG_5925-1copy.jpg

 photo IMG_5926-1copy.jpg

Kamden's face makes me laugh every time.  Also, I think I love having a baby just so I can have an excuse to go down this huge slide... it is really fun. :)  Unfortunately, my Nolan hated it... every time we made him go down.  I've come to the conclusion I must really like his sad face... I am always taking pictures of him mad or sad. He really is a very happy sweet boy.

 photo IMG_5929-1copy.jpg

 photo IMG_5934-1copy.jpg

 photo IMG_5938-1copy.jpg

 photo IMG_5947-1copy.jpg

 photo IMG_5959-1copy.jpg

 photo IMG_5968-1copy.jpg

 photo IMG_5969-1-1.jpg

 photo IMG_5970-1copy.jpg

 photo IMG_5973-1copy.jpg

 photo IMG_5976-1copy.jpg

 photo IMG_5979-1copy.jpg

The pig races are our favorite way to end the day.  Zenock with Uncle "Hambone" and a baby piggy after the races.

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