Friday, November 22, 2013


For some reason clear back in August we decided the boys were going to be Star Wars characters for Halloween.  I honestly have no idea why... I am not a Star Wars fan.  Is it wrong to say I hate the movies??  I pretty much hate all science fiction.  I'm a realist. :)  If it's never going to happen in my life time, I really don't want to watch it.  My husband hates that I have no desire to watch Lord of the Rings with him and my friends are in awe that I have never seen a Harry Potter movie let alone read one of the books.  I can't fake it.  It just isn't me.  Awful I know, but I'm not sorry about it.  I enjoy a good romance or historical book any day... put the two together and you can count on not seeing me for about four hours. 

Back to Star Wars... The only thing I like about Star Wars are the little Ewoks.  Just because I remember when I was little and "forced" to watch the movies they reminded me of cute little teddy bears and I really wanted one.  Now I have my very own.  My little Kamden was the cutest Ewok.  Nolan- Yoda.  Zenock - Darth Vader and JC... not sure what he is.  Just something he picked up when he was in Saudi Arabia for work a couple years ago.

We showed up to our Ward (church) party like this and won a gift card to 32 degrees.  My favorite ice cream heaven.

 photo IMG_6056-1copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6059-1copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6063-1copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6070-1copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6077-1copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6078-1copy.jpg

Our actual Halloween wasn't the happiest this year.  It was down pouring rain and we thought we would go downtown Madison to the festival (they were moving it indoors).  When we got there, we realized everyone else had the same idea.  So we hurried home and trick or treated in the rain for about five houses.  We unfortunately have some grumpy old scrooges in our Neighborhood who don't believe in passing on the traditions they had when they were little.  Luckily, those five houses basically dumped their candy bowls in my boys bags so they were plenty happy. :)

 photo IMG_6151-1copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6155copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6157-1copy.jpg

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Jane said...

Yay, I'm glad I got a blog invite. I love reading about your cute family. Love the Star Wars costumes. I have a little guy obsessed with the characters even though he has never seen the movies.