Saturday, November 23, 2013


Remember when I said I would fill you in on all our gossip and I needed to make our blog private because, well, here it is...

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This is what one year of your life would look like all packed up.

It's a long story... the ending result being JC is currently in Afghanistan at Bagram Air Force Base working for possibly the next year.  (We are currently working and hoping to cut that down to six months.)  

JC left November 1st and spent two weeks in Indianapolis for training.  He actually really enjoyed the training which included "playing" paintball of sorts in an abandoned mental hospital.  Simulations of all sorts of drills, bombs going off, one that resulted in him being drug down the hall by a "terrorist" (an Afghani man hired by the contracting company to pretend to be a terrorist... Ironic right?)  He spent lots of time on the shooting range and learning about Afghanistan culture.  

Today will mark his first week in Afghanistan.

SO... I am sure you are wondering "Why?"  "What the heck?"  and "Are you crazy?"  

I get that a lot.

It has been a very long thought process.  A lot of praying and knowing what to do.  It was our choice.  Nobody forced us to do this.  We made the decision.  There are tons of reasons why we did this and when we thought about it and put it on paper they seemed to outweigh the bad.  So many good reasons to do it - a years time seemed like a small price to pay.

AND, yes JC is in a safe place. (or so he tells me.)

It was a long road just getting accepted for the position.  We felt really good about the decision and were confident in being able to do it.  JC was supposed to leave last July.  Unfortunately, things happened and we didn't think he was going to go at all and then... things came together and we realized we had a month before he was going to leave.

October flew by and we spent every minute we could together as a family enjoying our every day moments.

 At first the plan was for me to go stay with my family for a year, but it just didn't feel right.  My friends are here, the boys friends are here, and sadly, Utah isn't my home anymore. (Or at least at the moment).  We love our Ward family and have so many good friends that take care of us and I know I can count on if I need them. I have already been overwhelmed by so many offers. :)  Thank You.  I promise to call if I need anything.

We get to talk to JC daily via facetime and texting.  He is doing the same job there as he has been doing here.  It just gives him some different experience and opens up a few doors.  When he is done his job here will be waiting for him... no matter when he decides to come home. 

When he does come home we promised our boys a trip to Disney World. :)

I am beyond thankful for the man I married.  The sacrifice he is willing to make for a better future for our family and our boys is pretty much the most humbling thing I've ever watched anyone do.  He loves his boys beyond measure and would do anything for them.  He is a great catch, the most amazing perfect man ever, and I am the luckiest girl to call him mine.  We sure love him and look forward to every moment we get to talk to him.

AS for me... over the next year or so I hope you don't mind me using this blog as a vent :) or a way to share our life at home with JC while he is gone.  I'd still love your comments, questions, etc.  Like I said support is great... knowing people are there and care about you is what helps me get through this. 




Shennie said...

Thanks so much for sending me the blog invite! I kept forgetting to email you. Glad to know what is going on and that your lives are in His hands. I want to hear the venting :)

Cass said...

I'm so glad you're letting my read your blog!! I had no idea about JC, the year will be over before you know it!! Can't wait to read more!!

Tai and Joe said...

I enjoy reading your blog. You have such a darling family. Keeping you in our prayers! Thank heavens for technology! Such a life saver. My two brother in laws were deployed to the

Tai and Joe said...

Same place JC is at!

Brandon and Danna said...

Good Luck. My hubby was deployed for 14 months before we entered the Fellows program and it was one of the hardest but it was a growing opportunity for me.