Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Fall Soccer

Zenock had a great season with Fall soccer.  We loved his coaches.  They did so much with the boys and taught them a lot of great skills.  I've never seen kids so organized in my life.  Zenock learned a lot.  We were kind of in shock his first game... he hasn't been too aggressive on the field and has more or less daydreamed while on the field in the past.  This year it was like a fire hit him as soon as each game began.  He ran his little heart out and gave it all he got.  He played so well and scored at least one goal every game.  We were super proud of him.  We were thinking this would be our last season of Soccer, but it was so good for Zenock I think we will keep him playing. 

 photo DSC_0348copy.jpg

 photo DSC_0192copy.jpg

 photo IMG_5686-2copy.jpg

 photo IMG_5685-1copy.jpg

Of course I can't leave out this sweet baby boy sitting by my side playing with his slinky.  We went through a slinky phase at our house... everyone's favorite toy.

 photo IMG_5690-3copy.jpg

 photo IMG_5694-5copy.jpg

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