Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Birthday Day.

I love Birthdays.

They are very special days.  My Mom always made me feel so special on my Birthday.  I hope that I can do that for my boys... especially, since they have to share the day. =)

A couple of things my little Kamden is saying right now that I love.  When my kids are being bad, I tell them they are "bums."  Kamden now calls anyone he doesn't like "Bummy Guys."  We can be walking through the store and he will point to someone and say, "Mom, he is a bummy guy."  Hot and Cold this one is... You never know if you are going to get super sweet Kamden or Sassy Kamden who thinks pretty much everyone but Mom and Dad are bummy guys. (Don't be offended if he "hates" you one moment and is loving on you the next.  I get it all the time.)  =)  He has also decided he doesn't like girls and voices his opinion on a regular basis saying, "I hate girls..., except Shelby's and Kinley."  He really loves the three little girls in his Primary class, two of which are named Shelby.  

Kamden thinks he is three going on SEVEN.

 photo IMG_5401-1copy.jpg

 photo IMG_5403-2copy.jpg

 photo IMG_5407-3copy.jpg

His little cheeser grin will always make me smile.

 photo IMG_5409-4copy.jpg

 photo IMG_5412-5copy.jpg

This is so typical of my Kamden... he hates to show us he is having fun.

 photo IMG_5418-6copy.jpg

My Nolan is a sweetheart.  Still not walking.  He clings to the wall and anything to help him.  He has amazing balance and could do it if he wanted, but is too chicken to let go of the wall.  This past week he had all four of his molars pop through.  He didn't want me out of his sight and would play for a minute and then come right back to me and give me loves.  He is a good little cuddle bug.  I adore this sweet boy.

 photo IMG_5419-7copy.jpg

 photo IMG_5422-8copy.jpg

 photo IMG_5433-9copy.jpg

 photo IMG_5436-9copy.jpg

 photo IMG_5439-10copy.jpg

 photo IMG_5442-11.jpg

 photo IMG_5443-11copy.jpg

 photo IMG_5446-12copy.jpg

 photo IMG_5447-13copy.jpg

Mid afternoon I was two minutes from walking out the door to go buy a cake for my boys... because, that is my life lately.  Last minute and the need to simplify.  My sweet neighbor bought my boys a Dairy Queen ice cream cake (our favorite!) and brought it over.  (No lie... she is the best neighbor ever!)  It was perfect.

 photo IMG_5455-14copy.jpg

 photo IMG_5458-15copy.jpg

 photo IMG_5469-17copy.jpg

 photo IMG_5473-18copy.jpg

Nolan loved it... until his hand got cold and the brain freeze kicked in.

 photo IMG_5474-19copy.jpg

 photo IMG_5482-20copy.jpg

 photo IMG_5488-21copy.jpg

And then he loved it again...  I love all my boys more than I could ever say.  They such special little people.  I love every moment I get to spend with them.  They sure keep me on my toes and make me exhausted, but I'll take it if I get to be their Mom. =)

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