Monday, November 18, 2013

Birthday Bash.

It's about time I post about my boys Birthdays. =)

The year went by too fast and I was not ready one bit for Kamden to be THREE or Nolan to turn ONE.  It happened though.  I decided after not even being home for Kamden's 2nd Birthday he needed to have a big party for his 3rd.  The day before their Birthday we had a Play Date/Birthday Party Bash with some of our favorite little friends and their Moms.  We kept it simple by decorating some Halloween pictures with stickers and letting the kids play.  Even treats were simple.

 photo IMG_5339-3copy.jpg

 photo IMG_5337-2copy.jpg

 photo IMG_5336-1copy.jpg

 photo IMG_5348-4copy.jpg

 photo IMG_5351-5copy.jpg

 photo IMG_5352-6copy.jpg

 photo IMG_5353-7copy.jpg

 photo IMG_5355-8copy.jpg

 photo IMG_5356-9copy.jpg

 photo IMG_5358-10copy.jpg

 photo IMG_5364-11copy.jpg

 photo IMG_5368-12copy.jpg

Nolan's 1st sucker ever... =)

 photo IMG_5377-14copy.jpg

 photo IMG_5380-15copy.jpg

 photo IMG_5381-16copy.jpg

 photo IMG_5384-17copy.jpg

My boys certainly have some of the sweetest friends.  I love each of them!  After the party I wrapped presents for the next day and tried to hide them in our office.  Nolan found them and wouldn't leave them alone.  What a little stinker.

 photo IMG_5387-18copy.jpg

 photo IMG_5393-19copy.jpg

 photo IMG_5394-20copy.jpg

This sweet one year old loves a soft blanket.  Even if it is his brothers old raggedy one.  He cuddles it and rubs it on his face.  Oh how I wish these little ones would never grow up.  I love my babies.

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