Thursday, October 3, 2013

High Falls.

Over Labor Day we visited High Falls State Park.  It was a lot of fun to spend the entire day with just my boys.  Sometimes, I feel outnumbered and then we do something fun like this and I really, really enjoy all of my boys and all of the boyish things they do and I get to do with them.  I'm just one of the boys. :)

I would definitely say my boys have mellowed me.  There is no room for high maintenance.  I realized the other day while on a girls night how "non" girly I was.  I love to dress up, wear make-up, and look/feel great... But, heaven forbid it take me more than 30 minutes to get ready or I will have four boys yelling at me to hurry it up.  (Although, sometimes when the boys aren't waiting on me and I have time to spare... I like to spend a little extra time.)  I have had to change a few things over the years.  Thank goodness the style right now is a more natural/go with it kind of look... AND, Alabama falls waaaayyy behind on any sort of trendy so I feel pretty dressed up when I make my weekly trip to Target or TJ  Maxx. 

High Falls was so pretty and a great place to cool off on a hot Summer day.  The Falls have a natural bridge and the water is slow running which allows you to walk across the top of the Falls. There were lots of tide pools to play in and puddles to jump in for the boys.

 photo IMG_5033-onecopy.jpg

 photo IMG_5036-twocopy.jpg

 photo IMG_5038-threecopy.jpg

 photo IMG_5043-fourcopy.jpg

 photo IMG_5046-fivecopy.jpg

 photo IMG_5049-sixcopy.jpg

 photo IMG_5055-sevencopy.jpg

Nolan hated every second of being in the water...  He let us know.
(Sometimes, sad faces are my favorite to capture... they are so sweet.)

 photo IMG_5058-eightcopy.jpg

 photo IMG_5060-tencopy.jpg

 photo IMG_5059-ninecopy.jpg

 photo IMG_5062-elevencopy.jpg

 photo IMG_5065-twelvecopy.jpg

 photo IMG_5066-thirteencopy.jpg

 photo IMG_5069copy.jpg

 photo IMG_5075-fourteencopy.jpg

 photo IMG_5080-fifteencopy.jpg

 photo IMG_5082-sixteencopy.jpg

 photo IMG_5085-seventeencopy.jpg

 photo IMG_5087-eighteencopy.jpg

 photo IMG_5090-nineteencopy.jpg

 photo IMG_5093-twentycopy.jpg

 photo IMG_5108-twentythreecopy.jpg

 photo IMG_5101-twentyonecopy.jpg

 photo IMG_5106-twentytwocopy.jpg

Nolan was happier playing in the puddles while sitting on dry ground. :)

 photo IMG_5099-twentyhalfcopy.jpg

 photo IMG_5112-twentyfivecopy.jpg

 photo IMG_5109-twentyfourcopy.jpg

 photo IMG_5129-twentysixcopy.jpg

 photo IMG_5146-twentysevencopy.jpg

Our fun ended when JC decided to take my camera across the Falls to grab a few shots... he got half way, slipped, and fell in WITH my camera.  Luckily, they were both ok with minor damages.  Luckily.  We enjoyed of fun day trip and ended the day at a local Pizza place in Guntersville.  Happy Day with my boys.


Shennie said...

I loved this update!

The Salinas Family said...

That looks like a great place, especially for boys. I know mine love places like that...they could spend hours there.