Saturday, August 10, 2013

My Boys

I shared these pictures on my Photography blog awhile back, but need to have them a part of this one so they can be printed in my blog book this year.  Here is a little update of my boys...

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Nolan was nine months when I took these pictures.  He is the sweetest baby.  His stats at his 9 month checkup were... 20.1 lbs and 29 inches.  (Both 75th percentile.)  He is the first of my boys to hit 20 lbs before turning one.  He loves to eat and is such a chunk.  This year has gone by super fast and I have enjoyed every minute of this cute boy.  He is army crawling and is really fast.  He will get up on his knees and take a few steps, but prefers to go on his tummy.  He looks like a little inch worm when he crawls.  The boys have given him the nickname, "Squirmy Wormy."  We kind of love it and I have a feeling the "Squirmy" part might stick for awhile.  His other nickname is "Handsome." :)  He is so much fun right now.  I love that I get to rock him to sleep every night and stare into his deep blue eyes.  I also love that he still loves his Mama more than anyone. 

Nolan loves to be anywhere the boys are.  He can hold his own and knows exactly what to do if someone tries to take his toy.  His favorite activity is to play catch with Dad.

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Kamden is our tease.  Also known as, "Chubber Bubbers, Kamikaze Kamden, Chubbers or Chubs."  Kamden holds a lot of hearts.  We are told daily how sweet and adorable his voice is.  He says the funniest things and can entertain three check out lines at the grocery store.  He knows just how to tease his older brother and says to him on a regular basis, "I kissed Georgia."  (The girl Zenock likes), just to get a rise from him.  Kamden is rarely seen with out his McQueen cars in one hand, his Star Blanket in the other and no shoes on... he hates them.  We can picture this kid one day living on a beach, in a hammock, and just going with whatever the day brings.  

Kamden loves to cuddle and watch Ball games with his Dad.  He can't wait for the day he can play Soccer and Baseball with the big kids.  He would rather play with the six year olds than the two year olds and on more than one occasion he has made a six year old cry.

My new favorite thing Kamden says is, "Mom, That scared me out the heck!" or maybe it's when he gets mad at us and calls us, "Bummy Guys" and then tells us, "You're not my best friend anymore."

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I can't believe Zenock will be in 1st grade this year.  I love my Zenock... He is tender hearted, sweet, and knows how to lay on the dramatics.  He is excited to play Soccer and Machine pitch Baseball this Fall and has been practicing catching the ball and running bases all Summer long.  He can't wait for school to start so he can see his friends again.  He thrives during school and learns so much. He is super smart.  He can read any short book and hardly ever needs help sounding words out.  He has almost finished his Summer reading chart and has been working on Math also.  

Zenock could be our heartbreaker... He likes the girls and they like him.  We recently witnessed this at church... As Zenock was headed to the library, one girl slipped her arm in his and asked him if he would show her where the library was.  (As if she didn't know! :) I can't believe it starts this early!)  He shook her arm away and another was quick by his side to ask him another question.  We had to remind him to be nice to the girls.  He has a little bit of a crush on a couple girls at school and when we go school shopping he tells me, "Mom I think "Georgia" will like this shirt."  I have to remind him he is six and we don't buy clothes to impress the girls. (Yikes!  What am I in for when he is Sixteen!!)

Zenock has spent the Summer pretending to be a Spy.  He takes notes, writes things down, and searches for clues.  He is hardly ever seen with out his spy gear and backpack on.  One of his favorite shows is Spy Kids.

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I love these boys so much.  We have had a fun lazy Summer together.  I am dreading waking up for School which starts in ONE week!  But, I am excited to get back to a schedule and be busy with lots of things to do.

These boys are my life.  I can't imagine a day with out them.  They sure make me happy.  I am so grateful to be their Mom.

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Ginger said...

All three of your boys are so handsome Carin!! And they all look so different. You really are in for it.