Thursday, July 18, 2013

Insta Moments

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*Survived Tornado season... barely.  *Love this mug.  Nights at the ballpark.  *5am wake up call.  *Snapchatting with Aunt Emily.  *Big Eyes.  *Selfie... ha, but seriously the best shampoo/conditioner ever!  *Fourteen year old recipe book from when I was a Laurel! Happy memories and the best treats.  *Yearly tradition, Spring Tour of Homes.  *Lunch.  Kamden woke up asking for "Skittles and a Prite."  Can't resist him.

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*Fairytale Ball at school.  Zenock chose to dress up as Robin Hood.  *Lunch date with my Love.  Anyone else get weak in the knees for a good hamburger and fries.  Just don't tell me the calorie intake... please.  *Foggy morning drive on my way to school in MAY!  *Snuck out of bed and fell asleep in the hall.  *This is how we roll.  #doublestroller :)  *That is a lotta' cookie dough.  *Saturday afternoon sugar rush... Topped with gummy bears, skittles, and m&ms.  *My oldest reading to my littlest.  *Rolling lessons from this handsome boy.

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*My Mother's Day gift.  My neighbors helped my boys make.  *He's a bit camera shy, but he just got his first home run!  *His hair... Those blue eyes.. The two little teeth.. And that spit bubble... I'm in love. :)  *My little Kamden... center of attention and ladies man.  *Nolan's turn.  *Allergy tests were negative.  Still don't know what is going on with Kamden, but things seem to have gotten better through the Summer.  Praying it doesn't return this fall.  *Kindergarten graduation  *Perfect Attendance  *Bubble Machines and last day of school fun.

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*Last day of school breakfast donuts!!!  *He loves big kid food.  His smiles and growls are hilarious when we bring out the puffs.  *Hosting Zenock's first sleepover.  Lots of craziness and nerf gun bullets flying over my head. I love Kamden following them carrying his blanket.  *Learning to feed yourself is hard work.  *Scooter races with my little ones.  *My little Kamden thinks he is one of the boys/team.  *How do you wake up a baby who looks this sweet and comfortable... 1pm church.  *He is sitting!  *Rainy afternoon treat.

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*Perfect day for a championship game.  *Game day.  *They played their best and won the championship!  *One more... *No big deal... Just surfing down the driveway.  *Someone learned how to give wet willies!  *Crab pajamas and big blues eyes.  *We can't get enough. Obviously.  *Happiness

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*Stars game with our boys.  Sneaking in your own treats is the best part!  *Father's Day.  *Southern Summer rain storms.  *SO good.  Drizzle olive oil over squash/zucchini.  Sprinkle with salt, pepper, and parmesan cheese and bake 400 degrees for 30 min. :)  *Fact of life... Younger brothers just roll with life and smile about it.  *Treats are so much better when kids are in bed.  *We went blueberry picking at the crack of dawn.  Picked just a few...

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*We had the sister missionaries over for dinner.  Sister M is from Rome Italy and Sister F is from the same small town my Mom grew up in in New Mexico.  Her Grandma even taught my Mom piano lessons! Small world!  *Things I said I would never do... Zenock even made me a sign.  *Being domestic... It happens now and then.  *Running on the field with the big guys at the Stars game for his team party.  Such a happy moment!  *Trophies.  *Nolan's favorite place to roll and get stuck.  *Rolling, grinding his teeth. AND, planking.  Crawling soon to follow; I'm sure.  *Outside watching fireworks w/neighbors on the 3rd, shivering.  I don't remember EVER being cold or needing a sweatshirt on the 4th of July.  *4th of July... It rained ALL day.  Almost 7 inches of RAIN.  (Fyi, That is 66% of the yearly rain fall for Rock Springs WY.)  We had to get out though... It was a Holiday!

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*Just another day of Superman saving me from the Mad Scientist.  *Trying to create memories for my kids via the small things... Early morning brownie baking followed by a swim party at our house yesterday.  My boys went to bed exhausted.  *Best way to spend a Summer day.  Fifteen kids, good friends, and yummy food.  I'm giving up on my clean house standards and taking it all in! :)

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