Thursday, July 18, 2013

Insta Moments

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*Survived Tornado season... barely.  *Love this mug.  Nights at the ballpark.  *5am wake up call.  *Snapchatting with Aunt Emily.  *Big Eyes.  *Selfie... ha, but seriously the best shampoo/conditioner ever!  *Fourteen year old recipe book from when I was a Laurel! Happy memories and the best treats.  *Yearly tradition, Spring Tour of Homes.  *Lunch.  Kamden woke up asking for "Skittles and a Prite."  Can't resist him.

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*Fairytale Ball at school.  Zenock chose to dress up as Robin Hood.  *Lunch date with my Love.  Anyone else get weak in the knees for a good hamburger and fries.  Just don't tell me the calorie intake... please.  *Foggy morning drive on my way to school in MAY!  *Snuck out of bed and fell asleep in the hall.  *This is how we roll.  #doublestroller :)  *That is a lotta' cookie dough.  *Saturday afternoon sugar rush... Topped with gummy bears, skittles, and m&ms.  *My oldest reading to my littlest.  *Rolling lessons from this handsome boy.

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*My Mother's Day gift.  My neighbors helped my boys make.  *He's a bit camera shy, but he just got his first home run!  *His hair... Those blue eyes.. The two little teeth.. And that spit bubble... I'm in love. :)  *My little Kamden... center of attention and ladies man.  *Nolan's turn.  *Allergy tests were negative.  Still don't know what is going on with Kamden, but things seem to have gotten better through the Summer.  Praying it doesn't return this fall.  *Kindergarten graduation  *Perfect Attendance  *Bubble Machines and last day of school fun.

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*Last day of school breakfast donuts!!!  *He loves big kid food.  His smiles and growls are hilarious when we bring out the puffs.  *Hosting Zenock's first sleepover.  Lots of craziness and nerf gun bullets flying over my head. I love Kamden following them carrying his blanket.  *Learning to feed yourself is hard work.  *Scooter races with my little ones.  *My little Kamden thinks he is one of the boys/team.  *How do you wake up a baby who looks this sweet and comfortable... 1pm church.  *He is sitting!  *Rainy afternoon treat.

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*Perfect day for a championship game.  *Game day.  *They played their best and won the championship!  *One more... *No big deal... Just surfing down the driveway.  *Someone learned how to give wet willies!  *Crab pajamas and big blues eyes.  *We can't get enough. Obviously.  *Happiness

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*Stars game with our boys.  Sneaking in your own treats is the best part!  *Father's Day.  *Southern Summer rain storms.  *SO good.  Drizzle olive oil over squash/zucchini.  Sprinkle with salt, pepper, and parmesan cheese and bake 400 degrees for 30 min. :)  *Fact of life... Younger brothers just roll with life and smile about it.  *Treats are so much better when kids are in bed.  *We went blueberry picking at the crack of dawn.  Picked just a few...

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*We had the sister missionaries over for dinner.  Sister M is from Rome Italy and Sister F is from the same small town my Mom grew up in in New Mexico.  Her Grandma even taught my Mom piano lessons! Small world!  *Things I said I would never do... Zenock even made me a sign.  *Being domestic... It happens now and then.  *Running on the field with the big guys at the Stars game for his team party.  Such a happy moment!  *Trophies.  *Nolan's favorite place to roll and get stuck.  *Rolling, grinding his teeth. AND, planking.  Crawling soon to follow; I'm sure.  *Outside watching fireworks w/neighbors on the 3rd, shivering.  I don't remember EVER being cold or needing a sweatshirt on the 4th of July.  *4th of July... It rained ALL day.  Almost 7 inches of RAIN.  (Fyi, That is 66% of the yearly rain fall for Rock Springs WY.)  We had to get out though... It was a Holiday!

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*Just another day of Superman saving me from the Mad Scientist.  *Trying to create memories for my kids via the small things... Early morning brownie baking followed by a swim party at our house yesterday.  My boys went to bed exhausted.  *Best way to spend a Summer day.  Fifteen kids, good friends, and yummy food.  I'm giving up on my clean house standards and taking it all in! :)

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Fathers Day Weekend

Life has been a bit crazy for us lately.  It has given us a few challenges and lots of time to think, ponder, and pray.  It is amazing how a few small decisions can or would change your life.  You can feel so right about something and feel like everything is falling perfectly into place.  The decision that could change everything hinders on one person and that person's decision changes the course of possibly your entire life... The decision goes against everything you have felt is right and what you have felt you should do.  BUT, the decision has been made and you have absolutely no control and you can't change the outcome...

Regardless, WE have learned so much and I am sure will learn many many more things as we are tried here on earth.  One thing I have learned is our Heavenly Fathers timeline is not the same as ours.  Just because it feels so right it doesn't mean it won't happen.  It just won't happen at this moment.  There are pros and cons to every decision.  Even when we feel our weakest or may be in a dark moment our Heavenly Father still hears us and is there.  He knows our anguish.  He has been there and has felt what we have felt.  He knows our thoughts for the future, wants for our children, and what we need at this moment.  I know that no matter what happens in this life I will always have him to turn to.  My testimony is not shaken.

I know that may leave some of you with a lot of questions.  And really, when you look at it, it isn't a big thing.  In fact you would just think we were crazy if I told you.  It is just something significant to us and our family.  We are ok. :)

That said we have found a lot of comfort from this place lately.

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I realized that as many times as we have been to the Temple.  We have never taken any pictures of our children at the Temple.  I want them to remember this place.  I want them to remember Friday nights at the church house next door playing with all the other children in the ward while their parents were attending the Temple.  I want them to remember the car rides (an hour and a half each way) to the Temple.  I want them to remember picnic dinners or quick dinners (sometimes with the Youth or friends) after the Temple.  I want them to know how much their parents love this place.  I want them to love it and to know what a special place it is, because it truly is.

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This is the only picture I have of Kamden... (next time!) He was off running the hills around the Temple and would not hold still.

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So very grateful for the peace and happiness we feel when we attend the Temple.


We love this Dad of ours and are so grateful we get to call him our own.  He is such a great guy.  We certainly got lucky in the Dad department.

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Back in March JC grew a mustache... for the whole month.  He and some guys in our ward referred to it as "Mustache March" and it was glorious... (his words not mine).  I pretty much hate any and all facial hair.  Anyhow, when I saw these stick on mustache's I knew we had to sport them for Father's Day.  It was glorious. ;)

And, because Nolan was asleep when we sported them, here is what he thought of it...

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 photo IMG_4185-1copy.jpg

 photo IMG_4188-1copy.jpg

My words exactly.