Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Kindergarten Graduation

I can't believe I have a child who has graduated from Kindergarten!  What a crazy, busy, fun year it has been for Zenock.  He has learned and grown so much.  I was so nervous for Summer and having Zenock drive me crazy, but I have had lots of fun the last couple of weeks hanging out with this kid and having him home.  

Zenock had Perfect Attendance this year...  He is hardly ever sick (knock on wood).  He worked really hard this year and it is so fun to be able to have him grab pretty much any book and sit down with him and read it or have him read to Kamden and Nolan.

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Zenock and his best friend from school Tyler.  These two have had lots of fun this year... mostly, chasing the girls. (sigh...)  They also have been planning for months to have a sleepover, so we had Tyler come stay the night at our house the Friday after school got out.  It was a super crazy night with nerf gun darts flying every which way.  They were good kids and I still can't believe they actually slept!

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Zenock and his teacher Mrs. Brown.  She has been awesome.  She just recently died her hair pink for Summer... She calls it her Summer hair. :)

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A few Baseball pictures from this season.  We won 1st place in the regular season and are currently in 1st place for the tournament.  If they win their next two games they will be the champions... but, the next two games are also going to be some rough teams to beat.  Zenock is getting really good at Baseball and is loving to go in the backyard lately and practice running bases and catching.  During the regular season he even got his first home run... (on errors, BUT, a Homerun just the same.) =)  The kids in his division are pretty quick so to even get a Homerun on errors is a pretty big deal.  It helps that he is also super fast.

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Zenock has a couple of friends from school that play on different teams in his division.  It has been fun to play their teams and watch them.

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Melissa and Pete were Zenock's Sunbeam teachers... and I'm pretty sure he will never forget them.  They are amazing people.  Zenock gives Pete a hug every Sunday and tells him all about his week.  We love these two and can't seem to stop laughing when they are around.  It was so much fun to have them come for a game.  They are the best. =)

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Melissa Van Otten said...

Oh my gosh- you are too sweet! We just love Zenock and your whole family! Thank you for letting us be a part of your life!

Kami said...

Congratulations Zenock! Can you believe our babies are going to be in first grade?! It is crazy! They are still little, right? I am glad to hear you say he might drive you nuts this summer. The first day of summer I thought I was going to die. It's going to be a loooong couple of months! :) Miss you guys and love you all!