Monday, June 17, 2013

The Greatest Game Ever Played...

Go Dodgers! =)

Zenock finished up his T-Ball season with a bang... As we drove away from the park it was a sad realization that my oldest will never play T-ball again... ever.  It is sad to think that part of his childhood is done.  
Next year he will start pitching machine... it terrifies me.

The boys all played so well.  We won the regular season only losing one game the entire season.  (It's kinda hard to teach your child that winning isn't everything and it is ok to lose when the team never loses...)  They went into the tournament and won their first two games.  Our third game was against the Braves and we thought for sure we would lose.  Both teams are pretty evenly matched.  We lucked out and won them by not more than a few runs.  Saturday we had the championship game and ended up having to play the Braves again.  They had an off game and our boys played extremely well.  Needless to say, we WON the tournament!  So happy for these boys they worked hard and played harder.  
(Those 2.5 hour practices (for six year olds??) payed off.)

Zenock had a great season... He hit a home run (making it onto the records of the park), learned how to slide into a base (he did it a couple of times during the championship game), round first to get a double, and so much more.  He is small, but is starting to get a lot of strength behind his swing.  He is also learning what it means to "RUN!"  He is super fast, but seems to jog the bases, barely getting there in time.  We talked him into really running for it and  finally saw the fire in his eyes when he was running the bases.  I love all that he is learning while having a good time.

Every championship game must start with the Breakfast of Champions. =)

 photo IMG_3917-onecopy.jpg

 photo IMG_3926-twocopy.jpg

 photo IMG_3931-threecopy.jpg

 photo IMG_3940-fourcopy.jpg

 photo IMG_3996-fivecopy.jpg

 photo IMG_4001-sixcopy.jpg

 photo IMG_4021-sevencopy.jpg

 photo IMG_4022-eightcopy.jpg

 photo IMG_4030-ninecopy.jpg

 photo IMG_4049-tencopy.jpg

After every game the team would huddle and have a talk with the Coach.  Kamden would always find his way right to the middle and sit down.

 photo IMG_4067-elevencopy.jpg

 photo IMG_4071copy.jpg

 photo IMG_4081-twelvecopy.jpg

 photo IMG_4087-thirteencopy.jpg

 photo IMG_4093-fourteencopy.jpg

It is nice to know T-Ball isn't over for good just yet... we still have many more years. =)

Saturday, June 15, 2013


I just titled a post with a hashtag... yes I did.  I feel like that is the title/subtitle/hashtag of every picture of my life right now and I should just smack it right there on the picture... #summerishere!  And we are loving every minute of it.  Mornings are lazy... my smallest two boys sleep in until 8:30/9:00 almost every day.  The oldest wakes up at his usual 6:30 on the dot...  He comes in my room, grabs the tablet, and watches Netflix (usually Scooby Doo) until I decide I can't be as lazy as an eight month old and a two year old.  (Sigh...=)

We stay in our pajamas until late.  Eat breakfast even later and usually have no place we need to be... I'm loving this schedule!  The other day we planned on going to Costco, because I was on my last 2 diapers... (How sad is it, that I let it get to that point!  Usually, I am far beyond prepared.)  We ended up at a friends house with lots of other friends letting our kids play in the water while we sat on the deck, ate watermelon, and chatted while our babies slept.  It was such a great #summerishere moment.

(I must mention that in all of our #summerishere moments, my boys (usually Zenock) makes the comment, "I really wish Mason, McKay, Mike, &; Heidi were here."  I can only agree.  We kinda sorta miss you lots Anderson family... Alabama Summer isn't the same with out you! =) )

One of our lazy Summer mornings in our pajamas we brought out one of our favorite toys for Nolan who had just learned to sit up a few days earlier.  He kinda loved it and would yell and growl at himself in the mirror.

 photo IMG_3883-onecopy.jpg

 photo IMG_3888-twocopy.jpg

 photo IMG_3890-threecopy.jpg

I have major issues with leaving my babies before they turn One.  (Ok, so I have major issues with leaving my kids at all...)  But, I seriously have a heart attack just making an appointment to get my hair cut.  As soon as they are One I am much better about it, but until then... the two of us are attached.  I love that I am needed and yes; I know he would survive with out me.  I love that even if Nolan thinks I'm leaving his bottom lip will turn out and I get this face.  I dare you to walk away from this face.  It melts me.  
I. cannot. leave.

He is my precious baby boy and I will keep him by my side as long as I can, because one day he is going to want to run off and play and won't need me... as much. It is the sad truth.

 photo IMG_3891-fourcopy.jpg

 photo IMG_3895-fivecopy.jpg

 photo IMG_3897-sixcopy.jpg

 photo IMG_3900-sevencopy.jpg

I loved Kamden's "photo bomb" in the above picture and Nolan checking to make sure I am still there. =)

 photo IMG_3901copy.jpg

 photo IMG_3903-sevencopy.jpg

 photo IMG_3904-eightcopy.jpg

 photo IMG_3906-ninecopy.jpg

 photo IMG_3910-tencopy.jpg

 photo IMG_3911-elevencopy.jpg

Love, Love, Love my Happy baby boy.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Nolan @ Eight Months

Nolan turned eight months May 28th... and finally sat up on his own the same week.  I have a weakness for cute babies in cute pajamas.  So forgive me if every picture looks the same... I could've added at least ten more.  I die at every facial expression and every face he pulls.  He is the sweetest little boy.  He is so happy and content to sit on the floor and play by himself.  He is currently getting his top two teeth.  He loves to tease us and growl at us every opportunity he gets.  He loves his brothers and hates to be passed around in Relief Society.  Last week an older lady was holding Nolan and he reached his hand towards me, stared at me, and didn't move for five minutes.  (I think he was terrified to move or cry.)  It was so darn cute and made me melt to know that, well, he needs me. =)

 photo IMG_3849-onecopy.jpg

How can you not love pajamas that have big ol' crab eyes that stare at you in the middle of the night.

 photo IMG_3850-twocopy.jpg

 photo IMG_3854-threecopy.jpg

 photo IMG_3855-fourcopy.jpg

 photo IMG_3856-fivecopy.jpg

 photo IMG_3860-sixcopy.jpg

 photo IMG_3861-sevencopy.jpg

 photo IMG_3863-eightcopy.jpg

 photo IMG_3866-ninecopy.jpg

 photo IMG_3869-tencopy.jpg

 photo IMG_3873-elevencopy.jpg

 photo IMG_3875-twelvecopy.jpg

 photo IMG_3876-thirteencopy.jpg

 photo IMG_3877-fourteencopy.jpg

 photo IMG_3879-fifteencopy.jpg

I can't get enough of this little boy.  We love him more than words.  He makes every day the best day ever. =)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Nolan @ Seven Months

My Baby turned Eight Months a week ago... I am so behind.

So here are a few pictures we snapped around seven months.

 photo IMG_3753-onecopy.jpg

Nolan rolls every where.  He loves to play and roll as long as his brothers are near him or in the room.  He has turned into the sweetest baby.  He is so happy and content all the time.  He still wakes up one-two (or more) times a night.  I'm used to it... so I don't do anything about it. 

Nolan is my best eater.  This kid can seriously eat and he would eat all day if I let him.  I feed him an average of 3-5 tubs of baby food a day... A DAY people!  I try and mix it with rice and stretch it out or grind up my own baby food for him.  He loves to eat and loves snacks, (puffs or yogurt melts).  He will start growling at me as soon as I pull them out of the pantry.  I'm still nursing him plenty as well.  Sometimes, I feel like a cow... =)

He growls... a lot.  If you growl at him.  He will growl back.  It will go back and forth and he will get louder and louder.  It is kinda hilarious and we love it.

Nolan has the most amazing fluffy baby chick hair.  I love it and can't get enough of it.  It stands up all on its own.  I wish it would stay this way forever.

 photo IMG_3757-twocopy.jpg

 photo IMG_3758-threecopy.jpg

 photo IMG_3763-fourcopy.jpg

 photo IMG_3768-fivecopy.jpg

His big blue eyes melt me every time I look at him.  He definitely has us all wrapped around his chubby little fingers.  When Nolan starts to get mad or frustrated he will put both hands up to his ears and start to cry... (like below).  It's kind of like telling me "enough pictures already Mom, just FEED me!" =)  We love this little boy... I want to smother him in kisses all day long and keep him little forever.

 photo IMG_3772-sixcopy.jpg

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Kindergarten Graduation

I can't believe I have a child who has graduated from Kindergarten!  What a crazy, busy, fun year it has been for Zenock.  He has learned and grown so much.  I was so nervous for Summer and having Zenock drive me crazy, but I have had lots of fun the last couple of weeks hanging out with this kid and having him home.  

Zenock had Perfect Attendance this year...  He is hardly ever sick (knock on wood).  He worked really hard this year and it is so fun to be able to have him grab pretty much any book and sit down with him and read it or have him read to Kamden and Nolan.

 photo IMG_3805-onecopy.jpg

Zenock and his best friend from school Tyler.  These two have had lots of fun this year... mostly, chasing the girls. (sigh...)  They also have been planning for months to have a sleepover, so we had Tyler come stay the night at our house the Friday after school got out.  It was a super crazy night with nerf gun darts flying every which way.  They were good kids and I still can't believe they actually slept!

 photo IMG_3816-twocopy.jpg

Zenock and his teacher Mrs. Brown.  She has been awesome.  She just recently died her hair pink for Summer... She calls it her Summer hair. :)

 photo IMG_3819-threecopy.jpg

A few Baseball pictures from this season.  We won 1st place in the regular season and are currently in 1st place for the tournament.  If they win their next two games they will be the champions... but, the next two games are also going to be some rough teams to beat.  Zenock is getting really good at Baseball and is loving to go in the backyard lately and practice running bases and catching.  During the regular season he even got his first home run... (on errors, BUT, a Homerun just the same.) =)  The kids in his division are pretty quick so to even get a Homerun on errors is a pretty big deal.  It helps that he is also super fast.

 photo IMG_3828-fourcopy.jpg

 photo IMG_3831-fivecopy.jpg

Zenock has a couple of friends from school that play on different teams in his division.  It has been fun to play their teams and watch them.

 photo IMG_3842-sixcopy.jpg

Melissa and Pete were Zenock's Sunbeam teachers... and I'm pretty sure he will never forget them.  They are amazing people.  Zenock gives Pete a hug every Sunday and tells him all about his week.  We love these two and can't seem to stop laughing when they are around.  It was so much fun to have them come for a game.  They are the best. =)

 photo IMG_3846-sixcopy.jpg