Monday, April 15, 2013


Just a few random pictures I found on my camera this week.  They were too cute not to share.

 photo IMG_3587-1copy.jpg

Nolan @ five months.  He is the sweetest baby.

 photo IMG_3588-2copy.jpg

 photo IMG_3599-3copy.jpg

At Zenock's first t-ball game of the season.  Nolan was so cute dressed up in his Dodger gear.  Poor child gets smothered daily with kisses.  He is that cute/sweet. :)

 photo IMG_3613-4copy.jpg

I don't know how he ever falls asleep with the noise level in our house.  I have a movie to go along with this picture and the yelling in the background is not anything peaceful to fall asleep to.  We all have to catch our zzz's somehow. :)

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