Thursday, April 18, 2013

Nolan @ Six Months

I could just cry when I think about this boy being six months old.  Babies are precious and sadly I can hardly remember the last six months of this little one's life.  I wish it would just slow down. 

 photo IMG_3710copy.jpg

 photo IMG_3715-5copy.jpg

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 Six Month Stats:
18 lbs (95th percentile)
28 inches (75th percentile)

Nolan is the sweetest baby.  He demands attention 95% of the time he is awake and he usually gets it from someone.  (Pretty much I accomplish nothing around here.)  Nolan never holds still... he is always moving when you hold him.  He can roll over, but doesn't like to.  His first bottom tooth broke through this week and he is jabbering up a storm.  He is always laughing at his brothers and gives JC and I lots of courtesy laughs as well.  He has the sweetest smiles and we can't help but smother him in kisses all day long.  He has yet to earn a nickname in our family and all we call him is our "Handsome" baby.  He doesn't sleep... takes three cat naps during the day and slept for the first time from 7pm-5am this week.  (Sleep is overrated...)
I am usually up with him twice and Kamden once...  I'm over complaining about it.  I've embraced the motto,
 "This is my life.  Sleep later."

How can one complain when these sweet blue eyes stare up at you at 2am....  I just melt.

 photo IMG_3719copy.jpg

 photo IMG_3713copy.jpg

 photo IMG_3714-4copy.jpg

Love this sweet, happy, healthy, handsome baby boy of mine.

We can't seem to get enough of him.


Emily Louise said...

I JUST WANT TO MEET HIM ALREADY. He is absolutely perfect. And I would smother him with Aunt Em kisses all day long. That last picture makes me laugh, pretty sure I could find one of JC pulling the exact same face..

Shennie said...

When my cousin was little he was in the grocery cart when I lady walked up and said, "You are so handsome." He responded, "How did you know my name?"
Handsome works as a nickname. And Nolan definitely is!