Thursday, February 28, 2013


My Mom came to visit a few weeks ago.  I loved every minute of her being here and hated that she had to go.  It is so not fair that I have to live 3000 miles away from her.  No daughter should have to live that far away from their Mom and if you do... I understand your pain. 

We didn't go out and paint the town or visit anywhere special, we just hung around the house, shopped a bit, and enjoyed time together.  My boys loved having her around.

I love doing projects with my Mom.  I love projects, but it takes so much time when I do them by myself - so I love having someone to do them with.  If JC and I do a project together our boys think that they can do it too and never leave us alone... the project becomes a frustrated mess.  

I have wanted to do a backsplash in our kitchen since before we moved in.  I have dreamed about it, gone to Lowes multiple times, and always kept putting it off for the above reason.  I told JC all I wanted for my Birthday and Christmas this year was to get it done.  My Mom was planning on coming and was willing to help me, so it was perfect timing. 

I had intended to go with a subway stone/brick look.  I was set on Natural Stone... nothing else.  I was NOT a fan of glass backsplashes.  I've never really liked them.  When I went to Lowes to pick everything out a few weeks before my Mom came I found this Natural Stone/Glass pattern that I loved.  I was kind of shocked at how much I liked the mix of the two.  I brought a sample home and tried it out and loved it.

Anyhow, long story short... I have great advice on doing backsplashes and next time it will go a lot more smoothly/quickly.  You live and learn... right?  BUT, I'm loving how it turned out.  It really changed my kitchen a lot.  It lightened it up and gave it a little bit more of a sophisticated feel.  It is also so easy to keep clean. 

*The before picture was taken a few months after we moved in, (January 2010).  I was kind of addicted to decorating in Red. =)

 photo IMG_0450.jpg

 photo IMG_3540copy.jpg

 photo IMG_3549copy.jpg

Still loving it.  Thank You Mom for all of your hard work and patience. =)


Cass said...

I love it!! It makes me want to do ours!

Kami said...

So...That is pretty awesome! I am impressed. When are you coming to visit again? I may need to borrow you. :)