Friday, February 22, 2013


My little Kamden has a major obsession with cars.  Not just any cars, they have to be "Cars" Cars.  He knows all of their names too, he calls them...  Queen, Mater, Mcmesser (McMissille), Chesco (Francesco), and my personal favorite is "Holly Shitwell" (should be Shiftwell).  (We try not to take that one to church to play with.  It can be very distracting to hear a two year old yelling to his older brother to give him back his "Holly Shitwell" car during Sacrament meeting.)  My Mom came to visit a few weeks ago and one of the first things Kamden did was show her all of his cars and tell her the names.

I love this age and phase he is in. He can drive his cars anywhere.  He takes them everywhere.  There are a few at the bottom of my diaper bag at all times and you betcha we have doubles, even quadruples of a few of them... just in case we lose one.  I don't want to forget the way he runs around the house with a car in each hand driving them over every surface as he passes by; the walls, the entertainment center, the couch, cabinets in the kitchen, the kitchen window, etc.  I love the noises he makes and how he can play for hours and is content at just lining them up.

 photo IMG_3327-thirteencopy.jpg

 photo IMG_3324-twelvecopy.jpg

 photo IMG_3329-fourteencopy.jpg

 photo IMG_3336-fifteencopy.jpg

 photo IMG_3344-seventeencopy.jpg

We finally got rid of that darn binky about a month ago.  It fell behind the bed one night and we never found it again.  (It kind of disappeared).   He still asks for his "bink-ink" every night and when I leave the room, I have to promise that I will go look for it.  I hated taking it away... it meant my baby got just a little bit bigger.  I would love to keep Kamden little forever.  He is such a sweet, happy go lucky boy.

When Kamden saw these pictures he said, "HEY! That Kamden has a bink-ink!"  He has also told me that "Elmo gets a bink-ink? Where is Kamden's bink-ink?"

I bought new binkies for Nolan the other day and Kamden picked one up and told me he just wanted to hold it.  He walked around the house holding it for quite awhile.  He studied it and when I wouldn't look, he would sneak it in his mouth for just a second and then take it out.  It was kinda like a dagger to my heart.  I was ready to just go drag his binky out of his sock drawer and give it back to him.  If only it would make him stay little.  One of these days we are going to move to Neverland... before my kids grow up. =)

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