Saturday, January 12, 2013


Just some happy memories I don't want to forget from the last few months.


*Kamden's cute turkey.  *My epic fail 1-4 of making muffins for RS Super Saturday... I was stressed out and surviving on no sleep.  I ended up buying muffins.  *Family of five - I still can't believe it.  *Precious moments.  *Big scrapes.  *Catered  Thanksgiving Dinner, because really who wants someone who can't cook a box of muffins making their Thanksgiving dinner.


*Thankful for my sweet baby.  *The best German Roasted Almonds @ Opry Mills Mall in Nashville  *JC's parents were here over Thanksgiving and we enjoyed visiting Nashville and seeing the Radio City Rockettes perform.  *Nolan's blessing Day.  *Enjoying the beauty of the Christmas Season.  *Zenock's Christmas present


*This is what happens when I leave my bag out unattended.  *Sweet smiles and growing so fast.  *Cotton  *Favorites  *Still Laughing  *Gingerbread house making/eating/fail. :)  *First book brought home to read  *Christmas pjs, home alone, popcorn, and Kamden getting the willies from the tarantula on the movie.  *Making sugar cookies


*Kamden's favorite song of the season, "Feliz Mommy Bob."   *Sick kids all season/sanitizing puked on sheets, blankets, etc.  *Sweetest neighbor gift EVER.  *Christmas Eve pjs  *Playing campout  *Christmas is done and over the day after.  *New Years with fun friends and toasting the night with sweetheart while kids are in bed.  (One day I will be excited to stay up and out until midnight with my kids.)  *Birthday gift from the Marlboro man  (somehow I am on their mailing list... what?!?) *New Year, New Me. =)  Time to lose that baby weight.

I feel awful and hardly ever pull out my real camera these days, but love that there are little moments and memories I am capturing with my phone.

All that said, I wanted to share my two favorite green smoothie recipes that I have been eating/drinking for the last 2 weeks.  They are so good... I could seriously have one for every meal!

1/2 Cup -1 Cup Original Almond Milk
1/4 cup vanilla low fat yogurt or greek vanilla yogurt (whatever I have)
1 Frozen banana  (I cut it up before I freeze it.)
1 TBS peanut butter
2-3 handfuls of Spinach

I tell you what... It looks disgusting and gross, but tastes SO good.

The other one is

1/2 Cup -1 Cup Chocolate Almond Milk 
1/4 cup vanilla low fat yogurt or greek vanilla yogurt
1/2 Cup of mixed berries
2-3 handfuls of Spinach

I don't have a name for either one.  If anyone (who might still read this here blog) has any great suggestions/recipes for green smoothies, please send them my way!


Ryan Reeder said...

Still here.

Shennie said...

I have a hard time drinking green smoothies - I know it's silly... So I throw in a huge handful of blueberries (healthy!) and it turns the whole drink purple.

Traylor Family said...

Love all the pictures! I say who cares if you use your "real" camera or are pictures! Your boys are all so adorable, and I'll admit I'm jealous of that camping set! Amazing!!! As for green smoothies, I usually start out with a couple handfuls of spinach, add a banana (I do fresh) and then pour in some orange juice just to the top of the spinach. Then top with whatever fresh or frozen fruit we happen to have that day. I don't like bananas, but the orange juice masks the flavor. My boys literally beg me for these...they of course love it more if it has peaches in it.