Saturday, December 28, 2013


So back in August (WAY behind) when we knew JC would be leaving and we weren't for sure if they were going to call us up and tell us it would be two weeks or two months; I knew I needed to get some family pictures taken... quick. 

I had no desire to take them and to mess around with my uncooperative sweet little one's.  I was already stressed about a few other things... like maybe, the thought of my husband leaving for a year.  :)

Luckily, we have a really good friend who does amazing photography.  He did such a great job and even got some really good ones of my boys that I just love.  These are photos we will treasure always. 

 photo IMG_6175-1afav.jpg

 photo IMG_6209-1afav.jpg

 photo IMG_6250-1fav.jpg

 photo IMG_6393-1.jpg

 photo IMG_6290-1.jpg

 photo IMG_6369-1.jpg

 photo IMG_6374-1.jpg

 photo IMG_6322-1.jpg

 photo IMG_6345-1.jpg

 photo IMG_6354-1.jpg

 photo IMG_6309-1a.jpg

 photo IMG_6402-Edit.jpg

Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas 2013

I'm not going to say too much about Christmas.  It was great having my Parents and Emily here, but there was definitely something missing and that part was really hard on me.  I warned my family I may have a really crappy attitude... They were kind enough to put up with it and me for an entire week.  They played with the boys, kept them entertained, helped distract my thoughts, and my little Nolan became Grandpa's shadow. We loved having them here.

My family arrived Christmas Eve and I decided to keep with tradition by having the missionaries over and making a BIG Christmas Eve dinner.  The spirit of Christmas Eve is my favorite... even with a bad attitude. :)

A messy face little boy after dinner.  He was so happy to have new friends to show off for.  He had just learned to play peek-a-boo.  He can say it pretty cute now.

 photo IMG_6656-1copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6657-1copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6659-1copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6665-2copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6675-1copy.jpg

Trying to get a good picture of all three of my boys together is impossible... I like to embrace the craziness of it all and enjoy the funny moments I get.

 photo IMG_6689-1copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6691-1copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6693-1copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6695-1copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6696-1copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6701-1copy.jpg

My favorite part of the night.  All was well.  All was bright.

 photo IMG_6706-1copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6717-1copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6727-1copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6737-1copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6743-1copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6746-1copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6757-1copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6760copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6761-1copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6763-1copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6774-1copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6783-1copy.jpg

Kamden couldn't take his eyes off his favorite present of the year for a pictures and Thanks to a tile floor and two mischievous little brothers Zenock got a new 3DS for Christmas.  He has been without for 6 mths and had some major with drawls. :)

 photo IMG_6784-1copy.jpg

Nolan makes this scrunched up face a lot... I think it is adorable and hilarious.  When I saw this picture, I knew exactly who he is going to look like when he gets older.

 photo IMG_6789-1copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6790-1copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6798-1copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6801copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6804copy.jpg

And a cute little picture of my boys after Zenock's Christmas program.  These two are such good friends. :)

 photo IMG_6653copy.jpg

Saturday, December 21, 2013


Zenock started Basketball the first of December.  This is his first year and he is doing really well.  He is the shortest on his team, but that is because he is the only 1st grader... everyone else on his team is in 2nd grade.  He does really well at keeping up with them, playing defense (he steals every chance he gets), and "trying" not to travel.  He scored in the first game (his first ever) and I am pretty sure he traveled about 75 percent of the way.  Thanks Refs for making his day. ;)  I love having something fun to keep him busy and wear him out once in awhile. 

A baptist church sponsors the Basketball program for our area.  It has been really interesting to be a part of.  They begin each practice and game with a prayer.  During practice they have a 15 minute time out to discuss a value each week (like honesty, respect, etc).  During games at half time the Pastor or Associate Pastor of the church does a quick sermon? or something.  Even though we may not "worship" in the same way, it is great to have Zenock playing with other kids/families who share our same values :)

 photo IMG_6602-onecopy.jpg

 photo IMG_6606-twocopy-1.jpg

 photo IMG_6614-threecopy-1.jpg

 photo IMG_6615-fourcopy-1.jpg

 photo IMG_6616-fourcopy.jpg

 photo IMG_6617-fivecopy-1.jpg

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

 photo IMG_6564-onecopy.jpg

I love these three boys.  I definitely have the easier end of the deal (or so I feel like).  I get to have these three with me and I'm not sure how I would handle life with out them.

Funny how when we first had this idea I had great plans of girls nights, babysitters, etc.  Now all I want to do is be with these boys of mine.  I want to spend my nights with them and when they go to bed I just want quiet time and a few minutes for myself before I head to bed.  I really don't mind the peace and quiet (at night of course, because there is NEVER peace and quiet during the day!)  I get babysitters now and then, but only because I have to get a hair cut and get things done!  I love my boys.

We had about 5 different invites for Thanksgiving dinner (Thank You!).  I actually declined them all... I know, I am so rude.  I really wanted to just have a simple fun day and memory with my boys.  We did go to a Pie breakfast in the morning which was so yummy and such a great idea. :)

I made a simple dinner, we got to facetime with JC, Nolan had a nap, we played some games, and just had a happy day.

 photo IMG_6567-twocopy.jpg

 photo IMG_6574-threecopy.jpg

And, no post of mine is complete with out at least ten pictures of the youngest child... He is too darn irresistible right now.  His cheeks and gums were so swollen in some of these pictures- he was getting all 4 molars in at once.  He was also just taking his first steps at Thanksgiving.

 photo IMG_6578-fourcopy.jpg

 photo IMG_6585-fivecopy.jpg

 photo IMG_6588-sixcopy.jpg

 photo IMG_6589-sevencopy.jpg

 photo IMG_6591-eightcopy.jpg

 photo IMG_6593-ninecopy.jpg

 photo IMG_6599-tencopy-1.jpg

Thanksgiving was sweet and simple.  It sure gave me time to think about all that I am truly Thankful for. :)