Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Those days...

Not sure why I am blogging when I have a billion things to get done.  I feel like if I am not going 100 miles an hour at all times, I am going to be so far behind and life is going to fall apart in front of me.  BUT, I can't seem to focus or see straight and my legs feel like jello from doing squats this morning, so I might as well take a break.

It's been one of those days.  I vowed to not answer my phone today and get my house cleaned, laundry done, and actually get ready for the day.  I was on a roll around 11 and then it all went out the window.
My phone has rang a dozen times.
People have knocked on my door at least five times.
(Two of which I didn't hear, probably because I was either taking a shower or yelling at a child...)
A lady in my ward whom I adore came to visit me, hold my baby, and brought me all the fixin's for banana splits tonight... yum!
My Relief Society President also came by and brought me all the sign up information that I now get to organize and put into order forms for Super Saturday in a month.  (I am in charge and have been prepping and planning for the last month... quite the ordeal.)
I cleaned my bathroom and kitchen sink... with only 10 interruptions from a 2 year old needing attention and a 2 week old wanting to be fed.
I've broken up a number of fights.  Including one that happened to be between the two year old who wound up to hit his five year old brother, missed, and nailed his two week old brother in the head.
(You bet he sat in time-out for more than his 2 minute share of time.)
Cleaned up a number of messes, including one in which my 2 year old climbed up on the chair in the kitchen to get the key to unlock the pantry to get his "scooby doo snack" (fruit snack.)  The calendar holder he retreived the key from fell to the floor, broke apart, and left a giant gash in my baseboard.
Fixed said calendar holder and giant gash in my baseboard. 

Laundry is half way done.

A couple of conversations I've had with little people today went something like this...

"Mom, did you see that girl I was standing next to?  Her name is Reagan, she is my best friend and I like her a lot.  One day I am going to find her again and ask her to marry me so that she can watch my kids."
(So glad I have taught him that that is what a wife/mom does... watch kids.)
This kid is so dramatic and I have so many more stories like this one... to share for another day. =)

My Mom sent us some darling things in the mail for the baby and a few treats and toys for my boys.  As they were sling-shooting their new bugs around the house, Kamden was saying, "shoot."  Zenock yells at me from the other room, "Mom, Kamden said SHIT!" 

Nope, but you just did.

Yes, my son knows that word and has heard it from my own mouth, probably repeatedly, and as recently as yesterday.  (It was a bad day in and of itself... 4 hours of sleep, a trip to the Dr for acid reflux, grocery shopping, fighting w/ the insurance trying to get medication (they said Nolan hadn't been added to the insurance) By the end of the day, my eyes were burning and I couldn't keep them open.  Luckily, our Pharmacist knows us, gave us some medicine to get us through the night, Nolan finally calmed down and slept all night, and I was passed out on the couch by eight.)

My little Kamden has informed me numerous times this afternoon, "Mom, you SO mean."

Sometime tonight I need to find time to make dinner (I better get on that, since it is already 5pm...), put together new bunk beds for our boys, bake/prepare something for lunch group at the church tomorrow, baths for 3 boys, finish laundry, clean up dinner, eat a banana split, and regain my life back. =)

Three kids isn't rough.  
Juggling everything being thrown at you or in your face and three little ones wanting "Mommy" at the same time while caring for a newborn is rough.

I wish I had nothing to do all day, but hold my sweet babies, rock, cuddle, and enjoy them.


I am coming to the realization that my life will never be organized or put together the way I want it to be... EVER again.  These little ones and their sweet smiles sure are worth it. =)

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Ally said...

Congratulations on sweet Nolan!! He is precious; and I'm sure you're as organized as ever.

Yes, they are worth any bit of chaos!

And way to go with the squats, mama!!:)