Wednesday, October 10, 2012

one. two. three.

Get ready for it.  
I downloaded the card from my camera as well as the pictures from my phone. 
(Gasp!) I know... right?!  Together I have over a thousand pictures from the last month.  I think I need to just start posting pictures... no explanations needed.  

A few of my little Nolan at one week old.





It is crazy for me to sit down each night and watch each of my children at different ages and phases of life.  I have THREE kids.  When did that happen?!  I am so overwhelmed with the love I have for each of them.  I couldn't have imagined how amazing it all feels.  I feel so blessed.

That is until I wake up a little after 5 in the morning (after 4.5 hours of sleep) to Zenock switching on and off his bathroom and bedroom lights...  I am still sitting on the couch in the same position I was about two hours ago from feeding Nolan.  I tell Zenock to turn the lights off and go back to bed, (ha, yeah right!)  The light has already woke up Nolan and I get up to change/feed him again.  I then hear JC's alarm go off at 5:50.  A few minutes later Kamden starts crying.  JC gets Kamden for me and sits him next to me.  Zenock is already in trouble for being sassy and waking up early to play with toys that were taken away from him last night for being rude.  (He doesn't get them back just because it is a new day.)  Zenock comes and sits on the other side of me on the couch crying.  Kamden is crying, because he knows JC is leaving and Daddy is his best friend right now.  Nolan is screaming because he wants to be fed and I am trying to console the other two.  JC heads out the door and off to the gym and then work.  It didn't end there... a few more tantrums from Zenock about not wanting to wear his "fat pant because all the kids will call him a jerk."  (I still don't understand...)  Some other tantrums about granola bars, cereal, and "I do it, myself!"

It was a rough morning at our house. =)

I just want to remember what it is like at this moment.  The good, the bad, and the really ugly moments all make up life.  I am currently loving this moment.  Holding my sweet little sleeping Nolan who still smells like his morning bath/lotion and Kamden sleeping quietly, taking his first good nap in over a week.  My house is quiet and I can gather my senses and prepare for the afternoon bewitching hours.

Despite the bad and the really ugly moments, life is really, really good right now.


Lee Family said...

Congratulations! Nolan is adorable. Your posts make me laugh. You are a busy Momma. Hope you get some rest soon. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you.

Shannon said...

Love this!!
He is so darling:)