Thursday, October 25, 2012

Kamden's Birthday

My cute little Kamden had quite a Birthday.  It was spread out over multiple days.  We made sure to give him something special before his Birthday knowing I wouldn't be around and he wouldn't get much of a Birthday this year... (big party planned for next year).  The day after I got home from the hospital we planned on celebrating, but JC and I woke up with colds and Kamden ended up with a double ear infection.  
(It was quite a first week induction to life with 3 little ones.)  

We celebrated Kamden's 2nd Birthday with runny noses, coughs, fevers, and cupcakes.
We will have to make it up to him next year...

Kamden is such a sweet little boy with a LOT of spunk.

At his 2 year check up his Dr confirmed what we already new... He has a very FULL vocabulary and can talk your ear off.  He learns all sorts of new fun (sometimes not so fun) words and phrases from his older brother.

If you ask him something he will answer you with a "No, Sir" or "Yes, Mam."
He will tell you to "chill", "quit acting like a baby", and "you so mean!"
He waves and says, "Hi there, How are you?" to everyone he meets and tells them, "I'm adorable." (At first it was "adorkable.")

At his appointment he weighed in at a whopping 23 lbs (5th percentile) and was 33 inches tall (25th percentile).  

He has a major obsession with Lightning McQueen and Mater.  He watches Cars or Cars 2 everyday while driving his cars around the room.  (He will not watch anything else... I've tried.)  We usually have an entourage of 2 mcqueen cars, mater, and a couple of trains where ever we go.

He loves to be outside and still loves sports.  Everyone keeps telling us how good he can kick a soccer ball. He loves to kick it up and down the field before Zenock's games.  He loves to watch baseball games with Dad and can even call, "Home Runs" or "Outs" before the Umpire has time to.  It is so cute when he shakes his fist and yells, "He's outta there!"

He hates bedtime and will only sleep with his star and lion blankets.  He scratches the star on his star blanket until he falls asleep.

He has the cutest run you ever did see.  His short little legs try to keep up with his amount of energy and they run with a skip and a hop.

We love our little Kamden. He brings so much joy into our lives.  We can't imagine life with out him.


A few days before Nolan arrived, Kamden climbed into the carseat and said, "Look Mama, I'm a baby."  Pretty sure I'll always consider him my Baby. =)


We had movie and popcorn night a few days before Nolan was born.  Kamden's favorite treat is popcorn.



We gave Kamden his big bike present a few days before his Birthday.  He loves going for bike rides with Zenock and Dad.  He was super excited about his very own new bike.









Opening presents is fun even when you have a double ear infection...






We love you Chubbers!
Happy Birthday! =)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Those days...

Not sure why I am blogging when I have a billion things to get done.  I feel like if I am not going 100 miles an hour at all times, I am going to be so far behind and life is going to fall apart in front of me.  BUT, I can't seem to focus or see straight and my legs feel like jello from doing squats this morning, so I might as well take a break.

It's been one of those days.  I vowed to not answer my phone today and get my house cleaned, laundry done, and actually get ready for the day.  I was on a roll around 11 and then it all went out the window.
My phone has rang a dozen times.
People have knocked on my door at least five times.
(Two of which I didn't hear, probably because I was either taking a shower or yelling at a child...)
A lady in my ward whom I adore came to visit me, hold my baby, and brought me all the fixin's for banana splits tonight... yum!
My Relief Society President also came by and brought me all the sign up information that I now get to organize and put into order forms for Super Saturday in a month.  (I am in charge and have been prepping and planning for the last month... quite the ordeal.)
I cleaned my bathroom and kitchen sink... with only 10 interruptions from a 2 year old needing attention and a 2 week old wanting to be fed.
I've broken up a number of fights.  Including one that happened to be between the two year old who wound up to hit his five year old brother, missed, and nailed his two week old brother in the head.
(You bet he sat in time-out for more than his 2 minute share of time.)
Cleaned up a number of messes, including one in which my 2 year old climbed up on the chair in the kitchen to get the key to unlock the pantry to get his "scooby doo snack" (fruit snack.)  The calendar holder he retreived the key from fell to the floor, broke apart, and left a giant gash in my baseboard.
Fixed said calendar holder and giant gash in my baseboard. 

Laundry is half way done.

A couple of conversations I've had with little people today went something like this...

"Mom, did you see that girl I was standing next to?  Her name is Reagan, she is my best friend and I like her a lot.  One day I am going to find her again and ask her to marry me so that she can watch my kids."
(So glad I have taught him that that is what a wife/mom does... watch kids.)
This kid is so dramatic and I have so many more stories like this one... to share for another day. =)

My Mom sent us some darling things in the mail for the baby and a few treats and toys for my boys.  As they were sling-shooting their new bugs around the house, Kamden was saying, "shoot."  Zenock yells at me from the other room, "Mom, Kamden said SHIT!" 

Nope, but you just did.

Yes, my son knows that word and has heard it from my own mouth, probably repeatedly, and as recently as yesterday.  (It was a bad day in and of itself... 4 hours of sleep, a trip to the Dr for acid reflux, grocery shopping, fighting w/ the insurance trying to get medication (they said Nolan hadn't been added to the insurance) By the end of the day, my eyes were burning and I couldn't keep them open.  Luckily, our Pharmacist knows us, gave us some medicine to get us through the night, Nolan finally calmed down and slept all night, and I was passed out on the couch by eight.)

My little Kamden has informed me numerous times this afternoon, "Mom, you SO mean."

Sometime tonight I need to find time to make dinner (I better get on that, since it is already 5pm...), put together new bunk beds for our boys, bake/prepare something for lunch group at the church tomorrow, baths for 3 boys, finish laundry, clean up dinner, eat a banana split, and regain my life back. =)

Three kids isn't rough.  
Juggling everything being thrown at you or in your face and three little ones wanting "Mommy" at the same time while caring for a newborn is rough.

I wish I had nothing to do all day, but hold my sweet babies, rock, cuddle, and enjoy them.


I am coming to the realization that my life will never be organized or put together the way I want it to be... EVER again.  These little ones and their sweet smiles sure are worth it. =)

Sunday, October 14, 2012


I love birth stories.

Here is Nolan's...

After 2 weeks of being dilated to a 5,  I went to my Drs appointment on September 25th.  My Dr was once again shocked that I was at my appointment and hadn't delivered yet.  I heard her even say out into the hall to the nurse, "What! Carin is still here?!"  (I really LOVE my Doctor.)  As she walked in, the first thing she asked me was if I wanted to be induced.  I didn't even hesitate with my YES!  She gave me the option of Friday or Monday.  Friday was Kamden's Birthday and I really didn't want my boys to share a Birthday, but something inside me told me that Friday needed to be the day.  (They can blame me when their older.)

My Dr had been telling me for weeks about when I did go into labor, I needed to get in the car and get to the hospital ASAP, because I would have a short labor.  This scared the crap out of me trying to think of a plan to get my kids where they needed to be, who would pick up Zenock if he was in school, what if I went into labor while sitting in the car pool lane to pick Zenock up (it's a 30 minute wait!), what if JC got stuck in traffic, etc.  Thoughts and plans had been running through my mind for weeks, but really there wasn't a plan.  
I was a nervous wreck. =)

My Dr doesn't normally do inductions on Friday, but she was willing to make an exception, because she knew I would be a fast delivery.  I am so GRATEFUL that she did.  I can't imagine what would have happened if I went into labor on my own.

Wednesday morning I was still beyond nervous about everything and I called JC crying not sure what to do.  He was was able to work from home Wednesday and Thursday, which helped with my stress a ton. 

Friday morning we dropped our kids off bright and early with friends who we are forever thankful for!
They were so good to take Zenock to school and even gave Kamden balloons and cupcakes for his Birthday.  I was a little nervous about how Kamden would respond to us waking him up during the night and dropping him off, but on our way he was so excited to "Cuddle with Heidi" and by the end of the day JC said, he wanted to go back with, "Momma Heidi."
Pretty sure everyone needs friends like ours.  We love them! =)

We made it to the hospital by 5:30 am.  We filled out paperwork, the room was set up, we filled out more paperwork, they put in my IV, etc.  My Dr came in and broke my water at 7:22am.  Afterwards, she walked out and said see you in a couple hours  (her idea of what my short labor would be).  The nurse started the Pitocin and within minutes I was feeling contractions...  within ten minutes my contractions were really strong.  At 7:45 the nurse had me sit up so I could get ready for the Anesthesiologist who was in the room next door.  As soon as I sat up, I told her they needed to hurry, because within the next fifteen minutes I was going to need to push.  She looked at me and said, "Please, please don't make me deliver this baby."  She immediately called my Dr.

At this point I was already out of it and not paying any attention to what she was saying or what was going on in the room.  I was trying to focus on the fact that my contractions were unbearable.  In the back of my mind I kept thinking about Kamden's delivery and how the anesthesiologist ran into the room the last minute and gave me a shot to take the edge off and to help me push.  I figured the same thing was going to happen again....  I could handle that.

The nurse asked me to lay down to check me and I told her I couldn't move... JC had to help me lay down and when she did check me, sure enough, I was at a TEN.  I don't remember much at this point, most of the story comes from JC... who says that when she called my Dr, she didn't answer.  The Nurse then kind of freaked out and called some other nurses in to help her.  (A lot of nurses).  Luckily, my Dr was checking on someone else and heard my cry of pain and came running in.  

I remember asking for some sort of pain medication and my Dr telling me it was too late and I needed to just push the pain away.

About one minute and two pushes later and my sweet little Nolan was here.  
All 7 pounds and 11 ounces... (my biggest baby).

Born at 8:02 am... Forty minute labor anyone??   I don't recommend it.  It requires some very intense, excruciating contractions one right after another for about 30 minutes. I never would have made it to the hospital if my water would have broke at home.

As for my opinion on Natural Childbirth...  It sucks.  Just get the freakin' epidural! =)  I used to have respect for those who "wanted" to experience it or said they liked it.  Now I think they are just plum crazy.  It is not beautiful nor does it feel amazing. I am pretty sure no one on Earth would want to read my description of what it feels like.  There are no nice or pretty words to describe it.  Let's just say that the experience left my body in shock, shaking, and pain coursing through every inch of me for the next hour and a half.  I could only hold Nolan for a couple of minutes because of the uncontrollable shaking.  It was miserable.  I hated that I couldn't hold him.

While I was laying there shaking a few minutes after Nolan was here, the anesthesiologist walks in and with a big grin smiles over JC's shoulder and says to me, "Congrats Mom, You did it with out me."  If I could have, I would have slapped the smile off of his face.

Next time around (if there is a next time - it will take a lot of convincing!), I will request to be induced at 38 weeks and WILL have an epidural BEFORE they break my water.   
It will be in contract form before I even decide to have another child. =)

The truth is it was worth every ounce of pain to get my sweet Nolan here.
(I can say that now.)


Because of my short labor, shaking, and JC holding Nolan... there weren't too many pictures taken.  Nolan was wide awake and very alert for quite awhile after he was born.







A little side note... The morning felt a little bit like deja vu.   
Kamden and Nolan are exactly two years and sixteen minutes apart. 


Zenock and Kamden love their new little brother, "Baby Nolan."  They love when he is "wide awake" and call him "adorable" and "cute" all the time.  They keep asking when he can play with them... and hardly ever leave his side.

We are all in love with Nolan and are just so grateful that he is here.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

one. two. three.

Get ready for it.  
I downloaded the card from my camera as well as the pictures from my phone. 
(Gasp!) I know... right?!  Together I have over a thousand pictures from the last month.  I think I need to just start posting pictures... no explanations needed.  

A few of my little Nolan at one week old.





It is crazy for me to sit down each night and watch each of my children at different ages and phases of life.  I have THREE kids.  When did that happen?!  I am so overwhelmed with the love I have for each of them.  I couldn't have imagined how amazing it all feels.  I feel so blessed.

That is until I wake up a little after 5 in the morning (after 4.5 hours of sleep) to Zenock switching on and off his bathroom and bedroom lights...  I am still sitting on the couch in the same position I was about two hours ago from feeding Nolan.  I tell Zenock to turn the lights off and go back to bed, (ha, yeah right!)  The light has already woke up Nolan and I get up to change/feed him again.  I then hear JC's alarm go off at 5:50.  A few minutes later Kamden starts crying.  JC gets Kamden for me and sits him next to me.  Zenock is already in trouble for being sassy and waking up early to play with toys that were taken away from him last night for being rude.  (He doesn't get them back just because it is a new day.)  Zenock comes and sits on the other side of me on the couch crying.  Kamden is crying, because he knows JC is leaving and Daddy is his best friend right now.  Nolan is screaming because he wants to be fed and I am trying to console the other two.  JC heads out the door and off to the gym and then work.  It didn't end there... a few more tantrums from Zenock about not wanting to wear his "fat pant because all the kids will call him a jerk."  (I still don't understand...)  Some other tantrums about granola bars, cereal, and "I do it, myself!"

It was a rough morning at our house. =)

I just want to remember what it is like at this moment.  The good, the bad, and the really ugly moments all make up life.  I am currently loving this moment.  Holding my sweet little sleeping Nolan who still smells like his morning bath/lotion and Kamden sleeping quietly, taking his first good nap in over a week.  My house is quiet and I can gather my senses and prepare for the afternoon bewitching hours.

Despite the bad and the really ugly moments, life is really, really good right now.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bella Baby

Bella Baby Photography took some darling pictures while we were in the hospital.  They will only be available for a short time online.  You can view them here.  The password is 0928nolanlarson

Some of my favorites are below... I love his little facial expressions.  
He looks just like Zenock and also has lots of my Dad in him.

We are so in love with this sweet, sweet boy. =)


Monday, October 8, 2012


Happy is how we feel about this little boy in our lives.

We couldn't be more in love and excited that he is finally here.


Nolan Brey Larson

Born:  Friday, September 28, 2012 @ 8:02am
Seven lbs. Eleven oz. Nineteen inches.

Life with three boys is crazy busy... One day I might be able to catch up on all the fun we've had.  
Until then, we will be busy snuggling our little bundle of love. =)