Friday, September 14, 2012

Pictures from my phone...

I love the little memories I get to capture with my phone daily. =)
 I'll be honest there is no order in this post what so ever.  Maybe, I can figure out a better more clever way of posting pictures from my phone.  For now this is the easiest.

-Kamden and I got to spend a fun night just the two of us at home together, while JC and Zenock went camping w/friends.  After stripping down and trying to sleep they were home by midnight... No such thing as escaping the hot/humid Alabama weather in the Summer.  -Kamden wears my shoes or someone else's shoes daily.  -Zenock and I played candy land and for the first time in my life, I didn't cheat. =)  -I'm huge (I get told daily) and I can't see my feet.  -Zenock tells me every morning that he would like one day to stay home and play with Kamden.  -Ice cream is my cure for heart burn.  So many memories of eating this exact flavor in college.  We were obsessed.  -My view at 2:20 everyday (possibly for the next 20 years).  -Kamden gets so excited when he gets to stay up and watch a ball show with Daddy.  -Tornado warnings in September... really?!  -Watching Zenock play soccer.  -A camp out in the laundry room.  -Peaches and Cream!  We can't get enough!  -Shark Boots... Every little boy needs a pair.  -"Look Mama! I'm a baby, night night!"  When did my baby grow up??  -Kamden loves pockets.  -Fall is in the air and filling my house with the best scent ever!


Tai and Joe said...

You have the cutest little boys ever.

Unknown said...

I need shark boots too! Man, what an adorable bunch of boys!

Shennie said...

We took an electric fan with us when we camped in the south. It seemed like cheating but completely necessary.
I love the pic of Kamden with his hand in his pocket!