Sunday, August 5, 2012

Twenty Two things at Twenty Two months.

My little Kamden is just that.  He is mine.  How grateful I am for him in my life.  He was sent to our family at the perfect time and has been such a blessing and has brought so much happiness into our family.  I am thankful for his sweet personality everyday.  He knows just when I need a hug and knows how to calm me down or make me laugh.  He has grown up so much this Summer... I still can't believe that he is old enough to be a big brother. =)

Twenty-Two things about my Kamden at twenty-two months:

1. He has the biggest grin and the cutest dimple.  He melts my heart whenever he smiles.
2.  He runs with a little skip and a hop... It is the cutest thing ever.
3.  Thinks he can do anything Zenock can do.  (Sometimes better.)
4.  Says "Holy Cow!" and "No Way!" all the time
5.  We love the way he says Zenock or Zennie... especially as he wanders the house saying, "Zenock where are you?"
6. Loves both of his blue blankets.  He has to have both of them with him wherever we go.
7.  He has a major sweet tooth.  He is always asking for a treat, snack, or some of whatever we have, but he doesn't like ice cream.  His favorite treat is a Popsicle and gets one every night in the tub.
8.  Loves, LOVES, loves his ball games.  It can be any type of game (even golf, water polo, etc), as long as someone is hitting, kicking, bouncing, or throwing a ball.
9.  Because of number 8, he is loving the Olympics.  Even if it is gymnastics or diving he will yell, "go, go, go" and clap when they are done.
10.  He has a favorite stuffed animal named "Top."  Zenock has a giraffe he calls TipTop and we are pretty sure Kamden decided he needed one also and shortened the name to Top.
11.  He gives our baby kisses all the time. =)
12.  He isn't shy.
13.  He is the BIGGEST tease.  He teases Zenock all the time.  He knows when he is teasing too and will giggle when he has got you in his game.

While we were in Utah he would tease his Aunt Emily that he didn't know her name and as soon as she would turn her back, he would say her name.  When she would turn around he would just laugh and giggle at her when she tried to make him say it again.  He has started doing it with my friend Heidi also.  It is hilarious to watch.

14.  He is super smart (at least we think he is).  I swear he has picked up so much from always being around Zenock and his friends.
15.  Still takes a pacifier.  Not sure if it is his Mom or him who really can't let it go. =)  His favorite show to watch is Elmo's Bye Bye Pacifier.  They sintg a cute little song in it,
"Bye Bye Binky, Binky Bye Bye
Bye Bye Binky, Elmo won't cry"
Kamden knows the words and will walk around the house singing it, but WILL not give you his binky.

16.  Back in May, Kamden decided to potty train himself to go number two.  He tells me all the time when he has to go.  We haven't tried or started real potty training yet... I'm hoping that I just won't have to and it will click in the next little while.
17.  He loves cars and Zenock's batman toys.
18.  He is the best cuddler.  He will pull my face down right close to his if I am not close enough.
19.  He can be LOUD.  Today in church we were playing with stickers and we had some car one's.  He kept pointing and yelling, "Mater! Mater!" as loud as he could.  He knew he was being silly and loud and would not quit.  (Mater is his favorite.)
20.  Loves to wear my shoes and bracelets and will walk around the house saying, "I cute."
21.  When we ask for a kiss he tells us, "No Way."  We have to be tricky to get our kisses from him. =)
22.  His favorite song is Popcorn popping and knows most of the words and all the actions.  Popcorn is also one of his favorite treats.

We love this little boy more than anything!!!

Here are a few fun videos of Kamden in the last month or so.

For the record... He had just gotten out of the tub and his diaper was clean.


Cass said...

He is so cute, I love the "are you kidding me" video!! I saw a glimpse of your belly, super cute!! I can't believe your boy is up at 5:45, you poor mamma!!

Lee Family said...

What a sweet post! He is adorable. :)