Tuesday, August 14, 2012


In six days, my little Zenock will be a Kindergartner.  

I wish I could say I wasn't counting down the days, but I have... I am.  Zenock is full of energy.  He is VERY active and never stops going.  He is also super independent.  He wakes up at the crack of dawn (5:30) every morning and doesn't stop until his head hits the pillow around 7:30 at night.

He is beyond bored during the dog days of Summer when all there is to do is be lazy (and drive your Mother crazy!)  I don't have the energy to keep up with him and lately my energy level has been declining at a rapid pace.  (Being eight months pregnant seems to have that affect on many.)

I am so excited for Zenock to go to school to learn new things, to meet new friends, to be challenged, and to make him think.  It is going to be SO good for him.

I must admit, part of me is terrified and cannot picture letting go of his hand on that first day.  I just know I am going to break down in the car... (I'll hopefully be able to keep emotions/hormones intact until I get to the car!)  After a nice quiet dinner out by ourselves Friday night, JC and I went to Zenock's orientation (kids are invited to one this Friday, last Friday was just for parents to ask questions).  As I sat there and watched other parents filter into the room, I seriously had to keep emotions under control, not walk out, and say I'm done... This isn't happening.

I'm not in Utah.  My child isn't going to school in Utah.  This is NOT the environment or the kindergarten class I remember growing up in.  It was SO different.  Everything is different. 
(You would think that parents would save their "clubbing" clothes for an hour or two AFTER orientation.)

I can only hope that we have taught Zenock the right values and hope he will choose the right (and make good friends).
It's Kindergarten... I know, but it is the beginning... and it scares the crap out of me.

I want school to be a positive experience for Zenock with lots of fun memories.
For the record, I really like the teachers, the actual school, but just a little worried about the potential friends.

JC leaned over to me during the orientation and said, "Just remember, there is a reason why we are here."  Whether I know why or not, I need to just have faith and remind myself of that.  I really think there is reason and purpose for all things.


Zenock and I had a few goals over the Summer.

1. Practice/learn a list of sight words
2. Learn to tie his shoes
3. Learn to ride a bike

I can happily say that as of last week he has accomplished ALL three goals.

So proud of him for working hard and not giving up.  It definitely took a LOT of patience from me, his Dad, and himself to get that list done.  Zenock is one who will tell you he knows how and then get frustrated and throws a fit because he can't do it by himself.  He has always been like this... We like to refer to it as High Maintenance. =)  It takes a good 5 minute talk about letting us teach him and 20 minutes to sit in the corner and calm down until he is ready to learn.

.... School is going to be SO, so, so good for him. 
... and for me. =)

I love this boy and am so excited for this new adventure in his life to begin.




Popsicle Break...






This little guy is going to be so lost with out his brother.  They do everything together and Kamden wants to be five so bad.  He loves everything Zenock does and follows him everywhere.  Every morning they play some new imagination game, i.e. going on a campout, chasing ghosts, playing detectives, etc.  They are so much fun to have around.

Zenock riding his bike... I love Kamden's little "Woohoo, Go Zenock!" at the beginning. =)


Jamie said...

Karen- I LOVE your blog. I can really identify with your feelings of having Zenock start school. My 3 girls are so not having the same school experience that I had growing up in Utah...and yet I marvel at how strong they are. In terms of knowing their beliefs and their identity, they have already so far ahead of where I was and for that I am thankful. Some times I still get sad about it. Recently Ashton made a competitive soccer team. Heartbreakingly, over 1/2 the games are on Sunday! They still agreed to have her on the team but what a hard situation to have to face. It made me so mad and sad...I never had to face anything like that. But I try to remember (like your hubby said) that there is a reason for everything. Zenock is going to do just great!!! And you will enjoy it too. Can't wait to hear about your next babe's arrival!

Annie said...

little z will be an awesome kindergartener! what an exciting, and scary, time! and, i understand when you say you are counting down the days to school. i fell like i should be sad that my kids are starting preschool, but i am really looking forward to it!