Monday, May 28, 2012

Me and baby.

I mentioned this with Kamden, but I never took pregnant pictures with Zenock and now I wish I would have.  So here is a little peek at what I look/looked like at 16 weeks and 20 weeks.

Just a couple of things to note... I felt both Zenock and Kamden move really early.  I didn't feel this baby move until 19 weeks.  I was starting to get really nervous for my twenty week appointment.  I felt 3 kicks in a row with this little guy and since then he has definitely let me know he is there. =)

It is amazing how different each of my pregnancies have been.  This one seems very routine.  I feel very blessed for that.  To date we have had six ultrasounds just to make sure.  My Dr (and me) are still both shocked that everything has gone so well with this pregnancy and that I haven't needed to take or do anything.

I am pretty sure I am at least a month bigger in size at this point than I was with Kamden.
That scares me just a bit...

Other than feeling tired and having no energy I am feeling great.  =)  I am feeling super guilty that I am not decorating a nursery, making blankets, buying clothes, etc for this little one.  It just seems that there isn't a need for any of that.  Kamden barely used the blankets that were made for him... he loves his fluffy blue blanket and I have more baby boy clothes than I know what to do with.  All that is left to do is buy some diapers, new paci's, and most likely a few fun little things just so that I feel somewhat prepared. 

Time has gone by fast with this pregnancy and I know he will be here before I know it. 
My boys are complete opposites and I am excited to see where this one will fit in or what his interests will be.


sixteen weeks.


twenty weeks.


The Adamsons said...

You look so cute Carin! Congrats on baby #3!!

Kami said...

Glad things are going well this pregnancy! You look great! :)

The Noble Steeds said...

You are SO cute! I am so happy for you guys.