Monday, February 6, 2012

my boys.

All it seems we do lately is watch our boys grow right before our eyes.  I can't believe how big they are getting and how much they are learning lately.  We are desperately trying to soak it all in and keep up with them.  Even though we have moments where we restrain ourselves from making them run twenty laps around the house to get rid of their (ok just Zenock's) sassiness - we wouldn't trade all that we are learning from them and all the rewarding moments. 

Zenock...  My little Zenock has a testimony.  I makes me cry...  We have been learning and talking about testimonies during family home evening and have shared them with each other.  Yesterday, at the beginning of Sacrament Meeting JC asked Zenock (jokingly -- never ever thinking he would say yes) if he wanted to share his testimony.  He said YUP and tried to run up there.  I kept telling JC he would get up there and be terrified and that he needed to at least walk up there with him.  He walked up with him and Zenock went straight to the pulpit, put his hands on the microphone, and shared his short testimony.  It was so sweet.  A moment I won't ever forget.  Also, a moment in time telling me how big he is getting and how short of time they are little. He said he felt good after he did it and he liked all the high fives and thumbs up he got for sharing.

 I'm kind of (just a little bit) starting to worry about all day kindergarten next year.  Just wishing that I could be there to watch him learn, eat lunch with friends, and interact with others on the playground.  

He is becoming such a big helper.  On Saturday we cleaned the church and he helped vacuum all the corners -- with out complaining and would ask us what to do next.  We started a little rewards program a couple of weeks ago (thanks to my friends genius idea... Thanks Erin!)  He gets tickets for being good and at the end of the week he can use his tickets to go shopping in my store.  (It is full of fun "junk," treats, and dollar store items.)  He earned three tickets for helping clean.  I'm thinking over time, we can turn the tickets into actual money.

We are on a little lemonade kick lately.  We drink it all the time.  I love that my little Zenock can't say lemonade and pronounces it... LEMON-LADE.  It is pretty cute.

The other day JC was saying something and out of no where Zenock says, "These pretzels are making me thirsty."  (A Seinfeld line... maybe no one will understand, but we laughed pretty hard.)  

He is such a friendly kid.  He can make friends so easy. Wherever we go he is always sparking up a conversation or activity with whatever kid is there.

He is such a good, sweet, caring big brother.  So grateful for him.


Kamden... Is a little tease.  He LOVES to tease.  He loves to tickle and play.  JC told him the other day to come and get my toes... it was dinner time and he picked up a fork that he had thrown on the floor and came after my toes with it.  I was a little nervous and thankfully he missed two or three times trying to get me, but it was so funny and cute to watch.  

I'm dying thinking that he will be in Nursery the end of March.  Seriously - where did the time go!?  I am not ready to let go of my baby during church.  I love my time in the hall with him.  I love my sweet baby boy.  

He loves to play under the table and is short enough to still walk under it.  He loves his lawn mower toy and his tractor.

I love his kisses and big hugs.  The way he says, "mama ma" over and over again.  I love his cute little round chubby face and big blue eyes.  I love his little feet and toes.

We are pretty much obsessed with his cute little walk.  He sticks out his tummy and wiggles his bum back and forth as he walks.  He is getting pretty darn fast.  When he gets nervous or shy he will put his hands behind his back and come up to you (as if to ask you a question) or get what he wants. 

He is a good little listener and will obey us when we say "no" or "put it back."

I love the way he goes off and plays all by himself.  I could sit and watch him for hours.  I wish I could jump into his little mind and know what he is thinking.

He knows what the sheep, duck, and cow say.

Loves to sing and dance... He is finding his rhythm and it is so fun watching him dance when he starts to "feel" the song.

He is also a very sweet, happy, friendly little boy.  We love him so much.

So grateful for our boys and for all they teach us... even though sometimes it feels like all we are learning is patience.  They are so special.  =)

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