Thursday, January 12, 2012

Evening routine.

 I pretty much dread the hours between four and seven.  It is complete chaos around here... at least most of the time.  Kamden wakes up from his afternoon nap around 4 and it takes him a good hour to get in a good mood.  All he wants is to have me hold him, which I would LOVE to sit and snuggle the cute boy if it weren't time to get everything done, picked up, dinner made, and life to look put together before my husband gets home.  Writing that makes me sound like a 50's housewife... Am I the only one who does that???  

On a typical day, I have Kamden trying to pull my pants down as I prepare dinner and Zenock isn't too far behind trying to wrestle his brother, making him scream, or digging through the pantry trying to find a treat with out being noticed.  I then have to tell him to stop which results in him screaming and yelling and chaos...

The other day was a GOOD day for making dinner.  Both of my boys played right next to me, but the point was that they played and didn't attack me, tackle me, pull my pants down, scream, yell, or other crazy things.  They were happy and laughing.  When JC got home they ran to the door and yelled, "Hi Dad!"  (Ok... so they do that part every day...  We ALL run to the door so excited for someone else to be there besides each other.)

One boy in the cupboard and one boy on the counter... At least they were happy.  Sure wish this would happen more often.  The next night Kamden had three time-outs in his crib, because he wouldn't stop screaming and Zenock spilled his water twice.

I always breathe a little deeper once seven o'clock rolls around and I can sit and snuggle my well fed, freshly bathed, sweet smelling boys. =)


Shannon said...

Oh my gosh, I could not agree more with you! Are all children just super cranky from 4 to 7?? I know my little one is... So happy to hear that I am not the only ready to pull my hair out during that time of day:)

Shennie said...

The last half hour before Chris gets home is the absolute worst!

You really should think about investing in a baby carrier that you can carry your 'little one' on your back while you make supper. For the fussiest days, I find it a lifesaver. (Aidan runs over and stands ready when I pull it out.)

Traylor Family said...

laughing so hard. I swear I'm reading a biography of my life when I read your blog. It cracks me up!

Annie said...

ha! i also hate those hours. i hate to admit it, but i often resort to just letting my kids watch a movie, or curious george, while i make dinner in peace :-) cute kids, though!