Saturday, January 21, 2012

6teen months.

 Both of my boys are sick (not fun!!!) and all three of my boys are sleeping, which means I can catch up...

I've meant to do a little catch up on my Kamden for a month now.  I was so good at documenting everything with Zenock and it seems like time is just speeding by with Kamden.  I can't believe he will be Sixteen months this week.  He had his fifteen month check-up the end of December.  I'm still in shock at his stats... He was in the 95th percentile for both weight and height from 2 mths until about 9 mths and now...

Now my big boy is a little boy.
I don't remember exact numbers at the moment, but he was 
in the 25th percentile for height and
20.8 lbs which means he is in the 5th percentile for weight.
How do you go from 95th to 5th?!?

I swear I am feeding him and he eats quite a bit most of the time.  He also has so much more chunk on him than Zenock ever did.  Not sure.  We just might have to keep a few more cookies around the house than we already do. =)

A few things that we love about this happy boy...

-When we go grocery shopping he loves when we can ride in the "car" kart.  He also loves when we get a "cookie."  The bakery ladies are getting to know us very well and love when he comes by... He greets them with a "HI" claps his hands and gets so excited and when they give him his cookie he says, "YEAH!"  It is so darn cute.

-Words he can say or that we have heard a few times:  Hi, Cheese, Ball, Bug, Go, Thanks, All Done, Cookie, Yeah, Mom, Dad, Yes, Car.  It seems like he is learning a new one every day.

-Loves his baths and can't wait to get in.  Before his diaper is even off he has his little foot lifted clear up over the brim of the tub trying to get in.  I love little feet.

-Gut laughs all the time.  Kisses.  Teases and tickles.  Loves to sing.  Loves to play Ball - loves to throw and catch (catches with help).  Plays patty cake and just learned how to "Roll it" all by himself.  We get so excited and tell him, yeah! and then he gets shy and burries his head into my shoulder.

-I love our bedtime routine.  He has always been good about going to bed.  After bath time we play for about ten minutes and then say our family prayer.  Right before family prayer he will run over to the fridge and yell until I come and get him his bottle (only at night and he doesn't take it to bed).  After prayers we go in his room and will either read a book or just rock a bye for a minute while he drinks his bottle.  We then stand up and I turn on his music box (he's listened to it since he was a baby) and he lays his head on my shoulder, wraps his chubby legs around me, and gives me big hugs, and even pats on the back at times.  We cuddle for a minute or two and then I lay him down, kiss his cheeks a hundred times, and say, "Goodnight sweetheart.  I love you so much.  Have good dreams."  He then rubs his eyes, I cover him up and leave, and he goes right to sleep.  It is such a sweet moment that I look forward to every night.  I love that it's our little time together during the day.

-He loves to cuddle and sleep with his hands tucked in underneath his tummy.

-Gets so excited when I say, "Let's go get Zenock from school."  He is going to miss his brother so much next year.  They have become best friends and play so well together.

-Loves his binky, his blue star blanket, primary hymns in the car, and suckers.



-Loves to climb in his rocking chair and read books.



-His favorite activity is playing ball with Dad.


-We have a few tears at times.  He will just flop himself on the floor and cry until we come and get him.  As soon as we pick him up he stops.  I have a hard time resisting that sad face.




-I bought him a bag of bugs the other day and they have been a huge hit.  He plays with them, teases me with them, yells "BUGS" all day long, and sleeps with one in his hand.



He is such a happy little boy.  We can't get enough of his sweet personality!

My little Zenock is also growing up so fast.  The realization that all day kindergarten is less than seven months away is making me panic and hold on to the moments that I get to have him at home.

He currently has an ear infection and may have to get a new set of ear tubes.  (We'll see what the Dr. says this week.)  He just learned how to write his name, is learning how to tie his shoes, defeated/passed his entire Lego Batman game on his DS, just signed up for the Spring T-Ball season, and is currently obsessing, insisting, and planning on a Batman themed Birthday Party.  (Any ideas for that one?!)  He is also a most of the time happy, dramatic, and very loving child.  He is such a good kid.  I'm so proud of the "big boy" he is becoming. =) 

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Jake and Melissa Kinghorn said...

So cute! I can't believe how much K has changed his looks in the last few months. He is definitely not your little sumo baby anymore. About Z's birthday go onto utahbabyblog and look through some of their recent posts. I just recently saw one about a superhero birthday party that I thought was super cute and could easily be switched up to be a "batman" party. Think old school comic books feel.:) Hope that helps! Love and miss you guys!