Monday, November 7, 2011


Today I have no pictures.

Today my little 4 year old has colored red marker on my brand new couch... 
(I spent an hour and a half using my guardsmen kit to get it clean.)
I had just told him twice five minutes earlier to get the markers off of the couch.

He then used his bike to climb up to the back of my car and broke my windshield wiper completely off.
I had just told him three times to get down or he was going to get hurt and possibly break something.

He then painted my garage floor... Green.
I told him, "DO NOT TOUCH!" as I walked away for 2.5 seconds.

He has made his brother cry a zillion times... doesn't share... and even though I have asked a billion times all day he WILL not go into his room and clean it up.  He dumped everything out about 6:30 this morning after he woke up.

Tell me I'm not the only parent who wants to give away their four year old.  =)
He is hard for me and even though I love him to death I CANNOT wait until ALL day kindergarten next year!

That's all.


Brandon and Danna said...

It gets better. My youngest is my trial in life and he has grown so much this year being in kindergarten. We have almost forgotten that he has been our struggle. As cute as they are, sometimes we just need a break away from being a mom for about 2-3hours. Go out with the girls and have fun. Sometimes that's all it takes.

Heather said...

Sweet! - I'm not the only one that has kids that do stuff like that. ;)

Take a time out for you.

Annie said...

ugh. i am sorry. those days are SO hard and make you want to scream! hopefully your husband is coming home tonight and can take care of the boys while you go out and do something go to target :-) ps- i have plenty of days when i call russ telling him that i am going to put our kids in a box and sit outside of walmart giving them away to the first person who will take them :-)

kellibattraw said...

This is when I say he had the devil in him today! Oh, I'm sorry Carin! We should have a girls night out, soon!

Traylor Family said...

Okay I'm so so so glad you posted this! I needed it today. Lucas has been the biggest pill lately. I took away ALL his toys today. Literally, all of them. He will NOT clean up after himself, and since I don't want to, I eliminated the source. He lost all his movies. His costumes, crayons...everything. I have nothing left to punish him with. Last night my MIL took us out to eat. He threw a HUGE fit over a bowl. A BOWL! Ugh. I ended up having to take him outside because on his first warning him didn't listen. Outside he wouldn't listen so we had to go to the car. For TWENTY minutes. I had to eat cold food. I love him, but I'm right there with you... I cannot wait till Kindergarten! Oh not to mention, that Benjamin is at the right age to copy everything. You're lucky that baby K is still little. They team up against me. I don't stand a chance :)

We should meet half way sometime and let them get all their naughties out at a park!

Heidi said...

Mine took the marker and colored all over my coffee table. We got this table when Josh was 4, and it took until now for this to happen (Josh is 21 now).

mbarker said...

I threaten to take my to Walmart and leave them on the shelves for someone else to buy. They actually believe that Walmart will sell them!

Ginger said...

It was a crap day at our house too! We all have miserable colds and Cash is teething on top of it, oh and daylight savings--all of this equals no sleep, no naps and a super cranky 2 year old...and a SUPER cranky mom. When you decide you want to escape to Hawaii call me.