Friday, November 18, 2011


  I thought everyone only had one child that could climb... I was wrong.  I have two!  My little Kamden is climbing up on everything these days and just in case your curious... he's still not walking.

 I've mentioned before - the pantry is the hideaway and play place.  I swear I organize it daily and it gets pulled apart by my boys within seconds.

Kamden is also learning that when the camera comes out it is time to smile big...

I love the window sill in our office... It is the perfect little ledge where my boys can play.  They drive there cars on it and they also love to sit and have a little snack.

(Sorry, about the goldfish in Kamden's mouth... for a 1 year old smiling and manners haven't quite connected.)

 I love when my boys will play together (and smile together)!