Saturday, November 5, 2011

foggy morning run

JC ran his first 5k on Saturday.  It was a cold and very foggy morning, but he did awesome... came in under 26 minutes (he said all he wanted was to be under 30).  He even placed in his age group. 

We went down early to cheer him on and grab some pictures. =)

Friends from church on the left.  Work on the right.


Friends from work.

JC's work recently did an article about him for their monthly wellness letter.  Right after we were married JC started having major migraines...  We dealt with them for a few years - we didn't know what to do.  He went through all of college and grad school with them.  After Zenock was born we started to find some answers. We were spending TONS  (thousands... It makes me sick to think about) on medical care (MRI's, cat scans, chiropractors, prescriptions, etc.)  We've heard all sorts of different reasons for his headaches, ie: hole in his brain, sinus infection that never drained, allergies, and talked to all sorts of neurologists and medical personnel.  Doctors would just give him new prescriptions with out even explaining what it was... that alone caused a whole new set of problems.  When we were in Texarkana a doctor prescribed "effexor" for his headaches.  Little did we know it was an anti-depressant.  Shortly after, a chiropractor we started using explained to us what it was and what it did.  When JC tried to get off of it he experienced "brain shivers" and we spent the night in the ER.  Doctors couldn't tell us how to get off of it.  After researching online, I found out what to do and for the next month and a half we would open the capsules and count the tiny little beads in them and create our own capsules downsizing them each day and each week until we were down to zero.  (JC still experienced the brain shivers up to a couple months after we were all done.)  It has been a crazy journey to say the least. 

JC started the Spring of 2009 and has spent the last few years making lifestyle changes, exercising most every day, drinking water instead of soda, and eating healthier.  Since starting he has lost 60 lbs.  His headaches aren't completely gone, but he definitely feels a lot better and doesn't have them every day like he used to.

We are really proud of him and all of his hard work. 
So grateful for a Dad and husband that works so hard to stay healthy for his family. 

We love you. =)


Shennie said...

All these posts make me miss you guys and Alabama!

kellibattraw said...

I had no idea what J.C. had been through! I'm so impressed and inspired!

Tatiana said...

Way to go JC, we had no idea either. Hope things continue to progress for the better!