Monday, November 28, 2011


Our Thanksgiving was pretty simple this year.


I'm thankful for family. =)  We missed our extended families, but love that we can grow closer together as our own family while we live FAR far away.  When we were skyping with JC's family Thanksgiving night Zenock kept telling his cousins, "When my Dad gets a job, I'm coming back to Utah."  He said the same thing to my Mom the night before.  He is so sweet. He loves his cousins and grandparents.

Maybe one day my sweet boy...  Keep praying.


 I am so thankful for these three handsome boys.  They keep me grounded.  They make me laugh.  They love me for me.  They take care of me and willingly put up with me and wipe my tears when I need to cry. =)  I couldn't ask for anything more.


As I was having a particularly rough day the other day, this sweet little guy brought a dish towel to me and sat on my lap and wiped away my tears and told me, "It's ok Mom... It's ok to cry."  Oh, how I LOVE him and his sweet personality.


I am so VERY thankful to be a Mom and a wife.  It is the best job ever. =)

We are also thankful for good friends with cute kids who are willing to share holidays with us and who are willing to stay up until midnight and brave the cold, enormous lines, fights, and drama of Black Friday at Target.  (I love you Nickole!)
We feel so lucky and blessed to be surrounded by so many good friends in Alabama.


September (2010) was a month for babies in Alabama.  This cute little girl is only three weeks older than Kamden.  I loved watching them play and do the exact same things... like sitting inside buckets and baskets (one of Kamden's favorite past times!)


The day after Thanksgiving we decorated for Christmas and as we were settling down for the night, we heard some Jingle Bells out on the front porch.  When we went to check it out we found this cute little elf sitting on our doorstep.  Santa left him there just for us.  He watches over Zenock and Kamden and flies back to the North Pole every night to report back to Santa if they were naughty or nice. =)

So far... We have been extra nice this year.

The first thing you do with your "Elf on the Shelf" is give him a name.  After much thought and deliberation, Zenock chose our Elf's name.

Meet CAPTAIN AMERICA. (Captain for short.)  =)




Every night after returning from the North Pole Captain America hides himself in a different place to watch over us during the day.  The first morning we found him on the table and he had brought us doughnuts covered in North Pole SNOW!  (Zenock's favorite!)  He was pretty excited about this.

Last night Captain America left candy wrappers on the couch and Zenock found him in a bowl of candy. =)

Every morning Zenock tells me... "Mom, Let's go find Captain America!" and then we search the house.
Oh... Let's not forget to mention - You can't touch him or he'll lose his magic (flying power).  So Zenock gets as close as possible.  He is dying to just give him a big hug.

We LOVE having Captain America at our house this Christmas!

Friday, November 18, 2011


  I thought everyone only had one child that could climb... I was wrong.  I have two!  My little Kamden is climbing up on everything these days and just in case your curious... he's still not walking.

 I've mentioned before - the pantry is the hideaway and play place.  I swear I organize it daily and it gets pulled apart by my boys within seconds.

Kamden is also learning that when the camera comes out it is time to smile big...

I love the window sill in our office... It is the perfect little ledge where my boys can play.  They drive there cars on it and they also love to sit and have a little snack.

(Sorry, about the goldfish in Kamden's mouth... for a 1 year old smiling and manners haven't quite connected.)

 I love when my boys will play together (and smile together)!

Monday, November 7, 2011


Today I have no pictures.

Today my little 4 year old has colored red marker on my brand new couch... 
(I spent an hour and a half using my guardsmen kit to get it clean.)
I had just told him twice five minutes earlier to get the markers off of the couch.

He then used his bike to climb up to the back of my car and broke my windshield wiper completely off.
I had just told him three times to get down or he was going to get hurt and possibly break something.

He then painted my garage floor... Green.
I told him, "DO NOT TOUCH!" as I walked away for 2.5 seconds.

He has made his brother cry a zillion times... doesn't share... and even though I have asked a billion times all day he WILL not go into his room and clean it up.  He dumped everything out about 6:30 this morning after he woke up.

Tell me I'm not the only parent who wants to give away their four year old.  =)
He is hard for me and even though I love him to death I CANNOT wait until ALL day kindergarten next year!

That's all.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

foggy morning run

JC ran his first 5k on Saturday.  It was a cold and very foggy morning, but he did awesome... came in under 26 minutes (he said all he wanted was to be under 30).  He even placed in his age group. 

We went down early to cheer him on and grab some pictures. =)

Friends from church on the left.  Work on the right.


Friends from work.

JC's work recently did an article about him for their monthly wellness letter.  Right after we were married JC started having major migraines...  We dealt with them for a few years - we didn't know what to do.  He went through all of college and grad school with them.  After Zenock was born we started to find some answers. We were spending TONS  (thousands... It makes me sick to think about) on medical care (MRI's, cat scans, chiropractors, prescriptions, etc.)  We've heard all sorts of different reasons for his headaches, ie: hole in his brain, sinus infection that never drained, allergies, and talked to all sorts of neurologists and medical personnel.  Doctors would just give him new prescriptions with out even explaining what it was... that alone caused a whole new set of problems.  When we were in Texarkana a doctor prescribed "effexor" for his headaches.  Little did we know it was an anti-depressant.  Shortly after, a chiropractor we started using explained to us what it was and what it did.  When JC tried to get off of it he experienced "brain shivers" and we spent the night in the ER.  Doctors couldn't tell us how to get off of it.  After researching online, I found out what to do and for the next month and a half we would open the capsules and count the tiny little beads in them and create our own capsules downsizing them each day and each week until we were down to zero.  (JC still experienced the brain shivers up to a couple months after we were all done.)  It has been a crazy journey to say the least. 

JC started the Spring of 2009 and has spent the last few years making lifestyle changes, exercising most every day, drinking water instead of soda, and eating healthier.  Since starting he has lost 60 lbs.  His headaches aren't completely gone, but he definitely feels a lot better and doesn't have them every day like he used to.

We are really proud of him and all of his hard work. 
So grateful for a Dad and husband that works so hard to stay healthy for his family. 

We love you. =)

Friday, November 4, 2011


 We decided to give Kamden a little haircut trim the other night... He still doesn't have very much hair, but had a few long flowing locks in the back.  He did so much better than Zenock's first hair cut... who screamed like we were beating him and was red in the face before it was all over.  Kamden didn't cry at all, just tried to get away so he could go and play.

 I love baby hair and hate that it has to be cut... I think I'll hold onto my baby a little longer tonight. =)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween 2011

I feel SO behind on blogging.  There is so much to do this time of year... not to mention my head is bursting with planned projects and crafts to create (thanks to pinterest) before Christmas time.  Somehow, I will get it all done. =)
JC left the middle of October for work.  He was enjoying Maryland for two weeks.  He was missed A LOT!  There were quite a few tears shed from both of my boys.  They were sure excited when he got home just in time for Halloween.

BUT, before he got home, I had to attend a few Halloween festivities as a single parent.  For the second year in a row I went to our wards trunk or treat solo.  (I have to admit... this year was easier than last year and having a one month old... but, just a little bit!)  

Kamden was our little monkey and Zenock was a cowboy.  Honestly, he had his heart set on batman, (which he talked about for at least the last 3 months), but we already had the cowboy stuff ready and after talking with Aunt Emi about what to be - he was excited about being a cowboy... like Grandpa Reeder, Uncle Daniel, and his cousins.  My brother is a serious true cowboy... at least as close as you can get.  He has his dream job.  He manages a multi million dollar ranch for the CEO of Hewlett Packard in Southern Utah.  (Every little boys dream place to live and grow up!)  Zenock's costume is no where near what my little nephews wear on a daily basis as their regular clothes.  They are so stinkin' cute.  BUT, I love my cute little cowboy as well.

Our next activity was our preschool Halloween party and costume parade.  I LOVE our little preschool group.  Love the Moms I get to visit with every Tuesday and Thursday and love ALL the little boys we get to teach.  All the boys in Zenock's class are the oldest and have a little brother.  It wasn't planned that way at all, but sure makes things lots of fun!  (There are at least 3 boys missing from this picture.)

Kamden loves the cars and Zenock loves the swings at preschool.


October is the best time of year for a Birthday... I love fall birthdays and always wished mine was in the Fall.  A couple of friends from church combined there little boys birthdays (3 days apart) and threw the ultimate Super Hero Birthday party.  They cut out masks and made capes and belts for all the kids.

Some Moms are so creative... The kids decorated their own shields, there were Villians who captured them and duct taped them to the wall (older brothers were the villians), they then had to break out and free Superman who was captured in the playhouse... In the end they got to vaporize the Villians with silly string.  Seriously, all the little extras were so cute and fun!  I might have to hire them for my next Birthday party.  Zenock loved it!

Then... it was Halloween day.  We spent the day with some friends and their super awesome Aunt - who Zenock is in love with... She might be a close second to Aunt Emi.  We ate some jack-o-lantern pizzas and then headed out to our neighborhood Halloween party!  I am loving our neighborhood for throwing such a fun get together complete with inflatables, games, cotton candy, hot dogs, face painting... So fun to get to know your neighbors.  Last night I spent 4 hours at my neighbors house for girls night with 9 other ladies... I had NO idea I had such fun girls living around me!  Yeah for Neighbors! =)

JC and I could not stop laughing at some of the costumes... We still don't know who this neighbor is.

Kamden got introduced to chocolate and we ended the night on a sugar high!  I need to get rid of the candy asap...  I'm so sad Fall is coming to an end, but am getting excited to spend Christmas at home this year, christmas shopping, the season of parties and get togethers with friends, and enjoying my family.  I already have a good start on Christmas shopping a few more things and my boys are done... I hope to be done by December 1st so that I can just sit by the tree and drink hot chocolate every day instead of stressing about all the little things.

How early is too early to put up your tree...