Thursday, September 8, 2011

Who wouldn't love

He has been super imaginative lately.  
Going on treasure hunts through the stores carrying a map (he got from chick-fil-a).
Making up all sorts of games to play with Kamden
and making messes.

Yesterday he yelled at me from his room, "MOM! Kamden's making a mess of my mess!"

This morning I told him "Zenock you better hurry and eat your cereal or Aunt Emi won't love you anymore..."  (Yeah, I used that as a threat... we were late for pre-school and in a BIG hurry.)
He kindly told me, "Mom, I don't have to eat my cereal for Aunt Emi to love me.  She loves me no matter what."

He is super smart... TOO smart.

I found this out as he was singing along with me to Hot Chelle Rae's song, "Tonight, Tonight."  
He pretty much knows the whole song.

He told me NO the other day while singing "No, No, No" to the tune of Jingle Bells, waving his finger around in the air, and dancing around.  

He has got LOTS of character.

Sometimes I just want to throw him away for a few weeks.  I seriously have had a few mental breakdowns with this child in the last few months. AND, for the most part I don't feel bad about thinking that, but then I start to feel bad that I don't feel bad.

Four is a crazy age.  
What's five or six going to be like??

Either way, I love him like crazy and think I'll keep him for another day.


Annie said... when do they grow out of that "crazy age"...i was hoping that getting them out of the terrible two's would be it :-) what a smartie pants! and i can't believe how big he is getting! i remember when you brought him into our office after he was born and i was too scared to hold him because he looked so small :-)

Jake and Melissa Kinghorn said...

So cute! Z man is my favorite! Oh and I love the picture!