Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fall Ball

A few more from Zenock.
(Before I forget them.)

As we were wandering through Old Navy the other day trying to find something for pictures, Zenock picked up a Batman lunchbox and started begging if I would buy it. 
"Please Mom! Batman is AWESOME!"
"No Zenock."
"BUT, please."  
(This went on for about five minutes.)

"Come on Mom.. just say whatever."

I apparently need to watch what I say.  He wears me down and then I say "Whatever."  Which to me means no and to him means YES he has won.

Yesterday, our conversation went like this...
Me:  "I asked you a half hour ago to pick that up!"
Him:  "And I told you a half hour ago to chill out!"

Yeah.  My four year old has an attitude.  It doesn't help when things like this are said and his Dad laughs.  All discipline from Mom goes out the window.  ugh.


We signed Zenock up for Fall Ball and Fall Soccer this year.  It has been super busy and has consumed at least 3 nights a week and Saturday mornings, but it is lots of fun for Zenock.  He is learning SO much.  It's fun to watch things click inside his little mind when he understands parts of the game.

He is scoring at least a goal a game in Soccer.  In t-ball he will make it on base every time... (which can be hard to do when you bat left handed and hit it right to first base or the pitcher.)  He scored three runs a couple games ago and his coach gave him the GAME BALL.  He was so excited!  We were so proud of him. =)

We live in the South which means people take Sports VERY seriously.  Fall Ball is a bit more laid back than the Spring Season... they try to focus a little bit more on basics than actually winning.  Yeah... they keep score.  They have 3 outs.  They can even strike out.  Coaches recruit players for the Spring season.  During the Spring season they have a tournament and even have STATE t-ball winners.  It's a BIG deal down here.  During the Fall season they also allow kids a year younger to come up and play (to help learn the basics for Spring.)  Not a lot of parents realize this, so this means Zenock is the only one on his team that is AGE FOUR.  The rest of the kids are five and six and have played a whole year.  Zenock has done AWESOME to keep up with them and it has been great for him to learn from and watch them.  Although if you ask him what his favorite part is, he'll tell you everytime... "The snack at the end of the game!"

They have just started practicing, "BASEBALL READY" stance when someone goes up to bat.


We are the White Sox this season.
Being the youngest (and shortest) on the team, Z's jersey drowns him.  I'll give him credit for being one of the fastest though.  He knows how to RUN!







We love that he is really starting to enjoy playing.  I love spending the evenings with my family at the ball park, under the lights, in the cool weather, enjoying friends, and eating my snow cone. =)  Pretty sure I'll be doing this for pretty much the rest of my life!

(The video above is a few minutes from Zenock's game last week.)


Jake and Melissa Kinghorn said...

I love that first picture of him in his uniform! So cute! Watch out I think we will see him in the major leagues! He is looks like a mini JC in his soccer pictures just the expressions on his face. Hope all is well, we miss you guys!

Shennie said...

LOL - to Zenock's comments!