Monday, August 22, 2011

Point Mallard

School starts tomorrow and we have been trying to soak in all the Summer goodness.

A couple of weeks ago JC's work had a day event/work party out at Point Mallard... one of our favorite places to be in the Summer.

We ate good food, danced to the Jazz band (part of JC's work and they were SERIOUSLY good), jumped the waves in the wave pool, sat on the beach, played in the kiddie pools, went down the slides, and enjoyed the sun.

I love water parks. I could live there every day during the Summer. It's what Summer is all about.





For some strange reason I thought our lives weren't busy enough this Summer... so I signed Zenock up for Fall t-ball and Soccer. Last week our schedules went a little something like this... Monday: t-ball practice. Tuesday: Soccer practice and Relief Society mtg. (part of my duties as the new 2nd counselor), Wednesday: FREE, Thursday: Soccer practice and Relief Society mtg., Friday: T-Ball, Saturday: Soccer and last minute bbq with friends.

Good Grief.
This week is pretty much the same except we add in School two days a week and an extra T-ball game. This continues through out October. Somehow in between that crazy schedule I am supposed to figure out some ideas for Super Saturday and JC is having some changes with work and will be traveling at least 1-2 weeks a month out of the next few months. I personally think single parenthood is for the birds... here's hoping I survive. I am relishing in the few moments we get to spend at home together watching a movie.

LIFE is busy.

Hope you all are taking advantage of and enjoying the last few weeks of Summer. =)

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